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Aluminium environmental noise barriers are an effective and proven solution fort he reduction of noise pollution which occurs alongside roads and railway lines. Noise pollution, however, does not only occur in public spaces. It is also to be found in industrial and commercial buildings and production sites. In these cases, there is often a limitation on space and so it is not possible to erect a convention sound barrier. With our acoustic wall panels employed as acoustic cladding, we have however developed a system which can be simply mounted on existing walls. It is also possible install the SCHÜTTE aluminium acoustic wall panels on uneven surfaces e.g. walls incorporating supporting pillars. As such, it is a complete noise protection system working on the principle of acoustic absorption. The noise levels are lowered by up to 10 dB, which, in practice, is a considerable reduction. By using the acoustic wall panels, your employees will then be effectively protected from exposure to high levels of noise pollution, and the positive benefits of this will later be seen through the improved quality of their work.



Adam Drozdzynski
Sales Manager - Environmental Noise

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