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Our 18/76 corrugated sheeting excels through its perfect symmetry and superb form. Corrugated sheeting is primarily used as wall cladding and, as such, can add a stylish accent to buildings. Our 18/76 corrugated sheeting can be made from aluminium and steel and is available in a variety of colours and thicknesses. As manufacturer, we can produce the corrugated sheets in lengths of up to a maximum of 15 metres. Moreover, we can also add an anti-condensation or anti-drumming membrane to the corrugated sheeting. You can also source all accessories such as flat sheet metal, flashings, trims and fixings – we offer you a one-stop service.

18/76 Corrugated Sheeting – simply special

The shape of the symmetrical sinusoidal profile allows the curving of the 18/76 corrugated sheeting in a curve-forming process. Through this, the sheeting can curved into individually-determined radii Sheeting shaped in this way is used, for example, in the construction of arched roof steel buildings such as hangars or indoor tennis centres. The surface of the corrugated sheeting is not damaged by the curve-forming process so that the corrosion-resistant coating remains intact.

RAL 7016
RAL 8016
RAL 9006
RAL 9007
RAL 9010
RAL 6005
RAL 6020
RAL 8011
RAL 8012
RAL 9002
Product details Thickness (mm) Colours Extras
  Aluminium: Aluminium:  
Lengths up to 15,000 mm possible 0,50 Anthracite grey – RAL 7016 Perforation possible
Used for profiled roof and wall cladding 0,70 Mahogany brown – RAL 8016 Curving
Matching rooflights available 0,80 White aluminium – RAL 9006 Anodising
Certified to DIN EN 1090-3 EXC3 1,00 Grey aluminium - RAL 9007 Anti-condensation membrane
With conformity mark   Pure white – RAL 9010 Anti-drumming membrane
CE certified   Plate rolled blank  
Loading tables   Ripple effect aluminium  
  Steel: Steel:  
Lengths up to 15,000 mm possible 0,50 Moss green – RAL 6005  
Used for profiled roof and wall cladding 0,75 Chrome green – RAL 6020  
    Anthracite grey – RAL 7016  
    Nut brown – RAL 8011  
    Red brown – RAL 8012  
    Grey white – RAL 9002  
    White aluminium – RAL 9006  
    Further colours available on request  


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