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When used in the domestic environment, aluminium noise barriers are an attractive alternative to wooden fence panels. With our SCHÜTTE environmental noise barriers, not only are you erecting a fence, you are also getting a professional noise protection system, similar to that used alongside motorways and railway lines. The benefits are clear to see. Aluminium environmental noise barriers effectively reduce the noise emanating from the roads, the railway lines or from the neighbours. They are durable, maintenance-free and easy-care, as they are constructed from aluminium. No more painting of the wooden fences or cutting of the hedges. The colour scheme of the aluminium noise barrier can be customised to match your own personal requirements. Or just let it grow over with ivy, Virginia creeper or any other climbing plant. In no time at all you’ll have a "green wall" in your garden. The range of domestic environmental noise barriers from SCHÜTTE are so designed that they can be easily erected without the need for a specialist company.

Protect you and your family from the scourge of noise pollution!



Adam Drozdzynski
Sales Manager - Environmental Noise

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