Industrial noise barriers and acoustic barriers from the specialists

We are the perfect partner for integrating noise barriers and acoustic barriers in your industrial or commercial company.

We offer innovative industrial acoustic barriers in the highest quality from our own manufacturing facility.

  • significant noise reduction of up to 21dB
  • custom color scheme is available
  • Noise barriers “made in Germany”
  • TÜV-certified
  • 50-years life cycle
  • maintenance-free

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Schütte industrial noise barriers – “Made in Germany” and TÜV-certified

Quality is our standard and is very important to us. Our industrial acoustic barriers and noise barriers are “made in Germany” and are subject to the highest norms and quality standards.

The advantages of our industrial noise barriers at a glance:

Noise reduction up to 21dB

up to 15db at low installation height.



Our noise barriers are TÜV-tested.



50-year life cycle.


Made in Germany

Quality direct from the manufacturer.


Easy & fast installation

For element sizes up to 24m².


Customized design

RAL colors, photo and logo available.


High-quality industrial acoustic barriers – quality from the industry leader

With our innovative and high-quality industrial noise barriers and sound barriers, we have earned an international reputation and are the leading manufacturer in the noise insulation field.

Our aluminum and glass noise barriers comply with the latest quality standards and norms. They can be custom-designed and can be used flexibly, so that we can provide you with a suitable offer for every project in the industry.


Soundproof booths and machine enclosures for industrial use

Soundproof booths can be used to reduce industrial noise to the inside. A noise control booth becomes a quiet zone or a noise-reduced space for employees.

Machine enclosure – A noise control booth completely encloses a specific area in the production facility or an entire machine. The noise pollution outside the soundproof booth is significantly reduced.

Noise barrier cladding for inside and outside

Schütte noise barrier cladding can be installed wherever building walls are already present. Ideal for noise protection in mixed areas, where housing borders on industry and commerce.

Reduce costs now with industrial acoustic barriers

Industrial noise barriers and acoustic barriers can save money and significantly reduce costs for your company.

Once the acoustic barriers are installed in the company in a logical way, they have a positive effect on the health, performance and motivation of your employees.

  • Improved concentration increases employee performance
  • Increased attention span through increased occupational safety
  • Illness-related absenteeism is reduced by lower noise pollution

Our references

  • lärmschutzwand Glughafen – Schütte Aluminium

    Airbus A380 turbine test stand

    4,000 m²

  • Lärmschutz Industrie – Schütte Aluminium

    Substation in Jessen

    800 m²

  • Lärmschutz Industrie – Schütte Aluminium

    Enclosure for plant components

    2,500 m²


Customized design of industrial acoustic barriers and noise barriers

There are no limits to the customized design of industrial acoustic barriers and noise barriers. The complete selection of RAL colors is available.

With a process developed exclusively by us, it is possible to realistically depict

  • the company logo,
  • your slogan
  • or a photo.

The effect of the noise barrier is not impaired.

Reduce industrial production noise levels sustainably with acoustic barriers and noise barriers

A noise barrier in an industrial company’s production facility helps to reduce the noise level sustainably and permanently. Noise-intensive areas can thus be sensibly separated from quiet working areas by means of acoustic barriers.

As a specialist in noise protection for industry, we specifically insulate individual noise sources, delimit workplaces or separate entire sections from the noise source.

Prevent the propagation of sound waves with acoustic barriers

Our sound barriers prevent the propagation of sound waves in an industrial environment. They absorb sound waves and noticeably reduce reverberation. Quiet areas are shielded from sound waves by our noise barriers.

Reduce environmental noise pollution with industrial sound barriers

Noise protection in the commercial and industrial sector is becoming increasingly important. Especially in mixed areas, where housing borders on trade and industry, noise protection measures are required and limit values must be observed.

The construction of a noise barrier can significantly reduce and mitigate the noise impact on the area surrounding the plant.


Useful FAQs on industrial acoustic barriers and noise barriers

Industrial projects can be implemented very quickly. In some cases, only a few months to a year pass from planning to implementation.


If the planning is clear, we can produce and deliver elements within about 10 weeks. Just contact us.


It depends on which product is to be used and how. Do you already have concrete ideas for your project, or would you like our advice? Then just contact us!


Do you have any questions? We are here for you.