Noise protection for residential areas alongside railway lines, mixed and industrial areas

We are your best partner for noise insulation alongside railway lines, mixed and industrial areas. Our effective noise protection systems can greatly reduce noise disturbance in residential areas.

  • 21dB of acoustic and noise absorption
  • Corrosion- and weather-resistant
  • Quick installation

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High-quality noise protection for residential areas along railway lines and industrial areas

With our highly absorbent noise protection elements, we offer you the perfect solution for all railway lines as well as industrial areas. High sound levels are not uncommon near train connections or industrial companies. This can become a major disruptive factor for adjacent residential areas, however.

Noise is one of the biggest environmental problems with far-reaching health and economic consequences. New developments are being built closer and closer to existing sources of noise. With the help of our noise protection systems, we offer you the optimal solution for the protection of residential areas bordering railway lines and industrial/mixed zones.

First-class noise protection for residential areas

Your noise protection is important to us. With our products you can achieve a shielding effect against noise in residential areas.

The production and manufacture of our noise barriers are subject to high quality standards. Here is an overview of the most important advantages of our SCHÜTTE noise barriers for residential areas:

Wide range of variations

Different noise systems are available in different materials



All noise protection systems are suitable for greenery and are an ecological advantage for wildlife


Effective sound absorption

Noise reduction up to 21dB



Low maintenance effort due to weather-resistant materials


Easy installation

Flexible use and quick installation


Attractive appearance

Individual color and design options


An excerpt of our references

  • Noise barriers in residential area in Berlin

    200 m²

  • Sound-reflecting glass elements in Düsseldorf

    30 m²

  • System for higher wind loads in Düsseldorf

    40 m²

  • Noise protection glass elements in Hamburg

    180 m²


Noise protection for residential areas bordering railway lines and industrial areas – Save time and costs now

Noise protection systems can extremely reduce noise in residential areas bordering railway lines and industry areas. We at Schütte Aluminium give you the opportunity to save time and money with our products.

  • Due to their fast assembly, the required closure of neighboring railway lines can be much shorter
  • Cost savings through the use of weather-resistant and low-maintenance materials
  • Low maintenance through greenery, for example, leads to cost savings

Customized noise protection designs are available

Our noise protection systems are ideally suited for customized design. Not only can you choose from a wide range of shapes for the elements, but there are also no limits to the color design. Greenery can also be provided using vines and climbing plants, offering an additional ecological benefit to wildlife.

The large element noise barrier can be manufactured in a wide variety of designs. Whether as a design element with perforated trapezoidal sheeting or as a standard variant with perforated corrugated sheetingthe large size element is particularly flexible in design.

Useful FAQs on noise protection for residential areas bordering railway lines, mixed and industrial areas

In principle, all Schütte systems can be used in residential areas. There is a full range of options, from transparent sound insulation elements to combined and stylish visual and noise protection elements made of aluminum.


The sound level in residential areas can be reduced by up to 21dB using suitable noise protection systems.


Persistent noise from railway lines or industry companies can lead to long-term health and economic consequences. A noise protection system offers you the means to protect yourself from these effects.


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