Aluminum acoustic barrier and noise barrier for freeways

We are the perfect partner for implementing noise abatement construction projects on freeways. We offer innovative large-size noise barriers of the highest quality from our own manufacturing facility

  • delivery as a finished element to the construction site
  • build up to 24m² in one go
  • time and cost savings in assembly
  • shorter closures of freeways, roads or railway lines

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High-quality noise barriers for freeways from the leading manufacturer in the industry

Our high-quality and innovative noise barriers for freeways have earned us an international reputation, and we are now one of the leading manufacturers in the field.

Our noise barriers in aluminum and glass comply with the latest standards and norms. And yet they are so flexible in their use and customizable that we can offer the right noise barrier for every project on freeways and country or federal roads. To accomplish this, we can not only offer our standard noise barriers for large projects, but also tailor-made elements individually designed to exactly match the particularities of the installation.

Acoustic wall panels for tunnel entrances and exits on freeways

In addition to noise barriers as a finished element for freeways and roads, with our acoustic wall panels we produce a product that can be attached directly to existing walls. Acoustic wall panels are used, for example, at tunnel entrances and exits. This significantly reduces the noise coming out of the tunnel.



Schütte noise barrier for freeways – certified and individually “made in Germany”

Quality is important to us. The production of our noise barriers is subject to high quality standards. The main advantages of our SCHÜTTE large-area noise barriers for freeways at a glance:


Reduced assembly costs

By post spacing up to 6m.

Certified quality

CE and DIN EN 1090-3 EXC3 certified.

Effective sound absorption

Particularly high noise reduction.

High stability

From special frame construction.

Quick installation

Thanks to element sizes of up to 24 m².

Customized design

Customized colors and prints available.

Major project reference – Hamburg-Bremen A1 Autobahn extension from 2008 to 2012

Largest noise barrier project in Europe with 100,000 m² of noise barriers

Our project management is up to every challenge. We are passionate about carrying out large-scale projects with precision and ease over many years, and we accept all challenges posed to us.

Implementation of the large-scale Hamburg-Bremen A1 Autobahn project

  • largest noise barrier project in Europe with 100,000 m² of noise barriers
  • 4 years of construction 
  • 72.5 km long construction section
  • widening from 4 to 6 lanes on both sides between the Bremer junction and the Buchholzer triangle

More references

  • Noise protection in wave form (Buxtehude)

    Custom laser cut sheets

  • Expansion to Hamburg Airport A7

    100,000 m²

  • Expansion to Hamburg Airport A7

    100,000 m²

  • Lärmschutzwand Autobahn – Schütte Aluminium

    Noise protection on A96 near Memmingen

    1,000 m²

  • Lärmschutzwand Autobahn – Schütte Aluminium

    Ring freeway around Vienna

    5,000 m²

  • Lärmschutzwand Autobahn – Schütte Aluminium

    A 281 noise protection in Bremen

    1,500 m²

Customized design of acoustic barriers and noise barriers for freeways

In addition, our large size elements are also ideally suited for the customized design of acoustic barriers and noise barriers for freeways. Not only is it possible to choose any shape for the element here, but there are also no limits to the color design.

The large element noise barrier can be manufactured in various designs. Whether as a standard element with perforated trapezoidal sheeting or as a design variant with perforated corrugated sheeting, the large size element is particularly flexible in design.

Noise barrier for the freeways – save time and money now

SCHÜTTE large surface aluminum is an ideal noise barrier for freeways or expressways because it is delivered as a finished element to the construction site.

  • This makes it possible to install up to 24 m² of noise barrier surface in one go.
  • This not only saves time during assembly, but also costs.
  • In addition, the required closure of a freeway or railway line can be significantly shorter than with the usual aluminum noise barriers.



Useful FAQs about noise barriers on freeways

For the assembly of our large size elements, you can expect about 900-1000 m² of installed area per day with proper construction site logistics. This naturally results in a clear advantage over conventional noise barrier elements.


From planning to implementation major projects take several years. A realization time of 5-10 years is not uncommon for large projects

Due to our high level of vertical integration, we can manufacture and deliver our noise protection elements within approx. 10 weeks. Delivery times vary depending on the size and product, of course. Please contact us for detailed information.


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