Noise barrier for roads and federal highways

Noise isn’t just annoying. Noise can also make you sick. Which is why we have developed noise barriers for roads that ensure optimum sound absorption with easy installation. This enables the environment and people to be optimally protected from disturbing road noise.

Noise barriers are not only made of aluminum, but also of glass. Our self-developed aluminum noise barriers absorb up to 21dB of noise. This is unique for a noise barrier made of aluminum.

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Advantages of our noise barriers alongisde roads

Wherever heavily frequented traffic routes meet residential areas, the use of a noise barrier for roads is necessary and sensible. Aluminum noise barriers are the most elegant solution.


Effective sound insulation

Noise reduction for the environment and local residents.



Aluminum noise barriers are easy to clean and maintenance-free.


Quality from the manufacturer

Noise barriers “made in Germany”.


Flexible design

Versatile color selection and optional glass insert.



CE and DIN EN 1090-3 EXC3 certified.


Low weight

Aluminum noise barriers are particularly light.


Noise protection on existing or new roads

When constructing new roads and upgrading existing ones, the installation of noise barriers is taken into account right from the planning stage. If the noise pollution increases from an existing road or federal highway, such as due to increased traffic volume, noise protection systems can also be retrofitted as part of noise abatement.

In places where the construction of a noise barrier is not possible, our sound-absorbing acoustic wall panels can be used instead. You can mount them on existing substrates (e.g. concrete walls). Our acoustic wall panels have the same sound-absorbing properties as independently mounted acoustic barriers.


Glass noise barriers for unrestricted visibility when driving

Glass noise barriers do not absorb the noise, but reflect it back to the source. Therefore, acoustic insulation is mainly used where the view of the landscape or the incidence of light has to be ensured despite high noise barriers. We manufacture our noise barriers from acrylic glass, polycarbonate or real glass – individually adapted to your area of application.

The frame structures as well as the tongue and groove connections of our glass acoustic barriers are identical to those made of aluminum. As a result, both products can be seamlessly attached to each other.

Aluminum noise barriers

Our aluminum acoustic barriers are used wherever residents need to be protected from road noise. They are flexible to use and can even be made in different colors. They can thus be individually adapted to the environment.

Aluminum is corrosion resistant and therefore very durable. With an additional powder coating, our acoustic bariers are additionally protected against the effects of salt and snow.

Large-size noise barriers for use alongside roads

For special requirements we offer our large-size noise aluminum noise barriers. The panel size can be up to 24 m² and can be installed in one go. This reduces the time of roadblocks, and saves assembly time and costs. Our large barriers correspond in all respects to our regular aluminum acoustic barriers. In addition, however, they offer further advantages:

  • Reduced foundation costs due to post spacing of up to 6 m
  • High stability due to frame structure
  • Quick installation due to element sizes up to 24 m²

Our references for noise barriers alongside roads and federal highways

  • Lärmschutzwand Straße & Bundesstraße – Schütte Aluminium

    Facilities for Fürholzen rest area

    1,250 m²

  • Lärmschutzwand Straße & Bundesstraße – Schütte Aluminium

    Noise protection between Bremen and Hamburg (A1)

    85,000 m²

  • Lärmschutzwand Straße & Bundesstraße – Schütte Aluminium

    Barcode pattern on the A40 (Bochum)

    5,000 m²



Noise protection for residents along busy roads

It is particularly residents of a residential area along busy federal highways who suffer from the high noise pollution of traffic. A noise barrier can provide a remedy and effectively absorb street noise.

The height of the noise barrier alongisde the road has a decisive influence on the noise-reducing effect. All things being equal in terms of height, the closer the noise barrier is built to the road, the more effective it is. If houses border directly on the street, glass inserts can be installed to continue to allow light incidence and distant views.

In addition, it is important for noise protection alongisde roads to provide a sufficiently long distance with the sound-absorbing elements so that no noise penetrates from the sides. This is the only way to ensure effective noise protection for local residents.

Worth knowing about noise protection on roads

The level of noise reduction can only be concretely determined on site. As a rule: The closer the acoustic barrier to the sound source, the better the noise can be insulated. The same applies for the height of the noise barrier. For example, if the noise barrier completely covers the area to be protected, the effect is particularly great.


Noise barrier projects alongisde roads can be implemented within about 1-3 years from the planning phase to implementation. Naturally, larger projects have longer implementation periods.


We need about 10 weeks to produce our sound insulation elements. Of course, this depends on the size and type of product. Please contact us for detailed information!


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