Acoustic and noise barriers for construction projects at airports

We are the perfect partner for implementing large-scale noise protection projects at airports.

We offer innovative large-size noise barriers of the highest quality from our own “made in Germany” manufacturing facility.

  • Delivery as a finished element to your construction site
  • up to 24 m² can be installed in one go
  • time and cost savings in assembly
  • shorter closures of freeways, roads or railway lines around the airport

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High-quality noise protection for airports from the leading manufacturer in the field

Our high-quality and innovative noise barriers have earned us an international reputation, and we are one of the leading manufacturers in the noise protection field.

Our noise barriers in aluminum and glass comply with the latest standards and quality requirements. 

They are flexible in their use and can be customized to your design, allowing us to offer a suitable noise barrier for every project around the airport. 

To accomplish this, we can not only offer our standard noise barriers for large-scale projects, but also tailor-made noise barriers to the exactly match the particularities of the installation.


Schütte noise barrier for airports – certified and with “made in Germany” quality

Quality is particularly important to us. The production and manufacture of our noise barriers are subject to high quality standards. Here are the most important advantages of our SCHÜTTE large-area noise barriers for airports at a glance:


Reduced assembly costs

by post spacing up to 6m


Certified quality

CE and DIN EN 1090-3 EXC3 certified


Effective sound absorption

Noise reduction


High stability

by special frame construction


Easy installation

with element sizes of up to 24 m²


Customized design

individual colors and designs possible


Noise barrier for airports – Save time and money with quick installation

Large surface aluminum is an ideal noise barrier for airports and adjacent freeways or expressways because it is delivered as a finished element to the large construction site.

  • It is possible to install up to 24 m² of sound barrier surface in one go.
  • This not only saves time during assembly, but also considerable costs.
  • In addition, the required closure of adjacent freeways or railway lines can also be much shorter.

Customized design of large acoustic and noise barriers for airports

In addition, our large size elements are also ideally suited for the customized design of acoustic and noise barriers for airports. Not on is it possible to choose any shape for the element, but there are also no limits to the color design.

The large element noise barrier can be manufactured in a wide variety of designs. Whether as a design element with perforated trapezoidal sheeting or as a standard variant with perforated corrugated sheeting, the large size element is particularly flexible in design.


Implementing noise protection measures at airports with Schütte Aluminium

Origin of noise at airports

There are a wide variety of reasons for the development of noise on the airport grounds and in the surrounding area. Above all, aircraft noise naturally arises during the arrival and departure of aircraft.

A whole range of noise sources are also generated on the airport site itself:

  • The handling of the aircraft requires the use of many vehicles. From aircraft tugs and passenger buses to tankers and luggage trolleys.
  • The maintenance of aircraft is also not low-noise. Engine test runs are carried out at designated sand sites or facilities.

Focus of noise protection measures for the surrounding area

Airports, airlines and the German Air Traffic Control place noise protection measures on the surrounding area of the airports, since the people who live there are affected by the noise.

However, approaches to noise prevention are also being developed on the airport grounds in order to reduce the noise pollution in the immediate vicinity of the airport as well as of employees and passengers.

Useful FAQs on noise barriers at airports

The implementation of such projects can take several years from the initial idea to its implementation.

Currently, sound insulation elements from the Schütte production facility can be made available for construction site applications in a short time.


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