Railway noise barrier – Effective noise protection alongside railway lines

Noise is one of the biggest environmental issues of our times – especially in cities – and is not only responsible for an extensive range of health problems, but can also have serious consequences on the economy. With our Speedbarrier noise protection elements, we offer a high-quality environmental noise barrier system with outstanding sound reduction properties.

These elements provide for an unparalleled sound absorption value of up to 21dB (DLα). Standard elements only provide for values of 12dB.

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Advantages of an aluminum noise barrier alongside railway lines

Increased mobility and increasing traffic volumes lead to ever-increasing sound emissions alongside railway lines. Surrounding residential areas and their residents are particularly affected.

Our railway noise barriers effectively protect against disturbing railway noise on the route networks of passenger and freight transport.

21bB sound absorption

Higher sound absorption than other noise protection elements.



Aluminum is particularly robust and easy to clean.


Quick installation

Flexible use and quick installation.

Elegant design

Aluminum is the most elegant type of noise barrier.



No maintenance – low costs.


Quality from the manufacturer

Noise barriers “made in Germany”.


Noise barriers alongside railway lines in proven Schütte quality

  • Lärmschutzwand Bahn – Schütte Aluminium

    Noise barrier elements at Hamburg Airport

    3,900 m²

  • Lärmschutzwand Bahn – Schütte Aluminium

    Noise barrier elements at Hamburg Airport

    3,900 m²


  • Integrated facing shell with glass elements in Augsburg

    25,000 m²

  • Noise protection elements for DB railroad station Berlin

    20,000 m²

  • Noise barrier on railroad lines in Linz 

    50,000 m²

  • Design with aluminum and glass elements in München

    30,000 m²

  • One-sided highly absorbent noise barriers in Nürnberg

    50000 m²

Railway noise barrier directly from the manufacturer

Our Speedbarrier noise barriers for railway lines are CE certified and approved by Deutsche Bahn for noise protection projects. Our aluminum noise barriers have the necessary European Railways Office approval, the DB network user declaration as well as a DB acoustic test certificate.

When you choose us, you get “made in Germany” quality. Our noise barriers for use alongside railway lines are particularly stable and withstand the greatest wind loads and train suction effects.

Aluminum railway noise protection

An aluminum noise barrier is one of the most elegant types of noise barriers. It is also particularly robust and weather-resistant, so there is no need for maintenance and care. An aluminum noise barrier is corrosion-resistant due to the material and receives additional protection, e.g. against the effects of snow and salt, through powder coating.

There are no limits to the color scheme – so the noise barrier on railway lines can be optimally adapted to the environment. A color gradient of different shades of green is particularly popular. But customized prints with landscape shots or coats of arms are also possible.

Glass noise barrier alongside railway lines

If railway lines are located in close proximity to residential buildings, it is sometimes useful to install glass elements. A glass noise barrier allows effective sound insulation without visual impairment as well as unrestricted light transmission.

Thanks to a special frame construction, our glass acoustic barriers can be perfectly combined with an aluminum noise barrier.


Noise barrier for train stations

With our sound-absorbing aluminum noise barriers, even entire train stations can be effectively protected against the sound of trains. The braking and starting of trains generates disturbing noise, especially when they enter and leave the station.

Schütte noise barriers provide effective sound insulation at the station – for both residents and travelers. Contact us now!

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