Profiled sheeting for roofs and walls

We offer you a large selection of different profiled sheeting for roofing or façade cladding.

Our sheeting can be used in many ways and is suitable, for example, for roofing of residential buildings, commercial and industrial metal clad buildings, and agricultural buildings, but also for smaller construction projects such as carports and garden houses.

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Trapezoidal sheeting

Schütte is your high-performance partner for trapezoidal sheeting and trapezoidal profiles in aluminum and steel. They are mainly used in the construction of sheds and stables, as well as industrial and commercial construction, and are used as roofing or façade cladding.



Corrugated sheeting

You can source a large selection of aluminum and steel corrugated sheeting from us. Our corrugated sheeting is available in different profile heights and different colors.


Pantile sheeting

Pantile sheeting, also called tile profile, is an excellent alternative to conventional roof tiles made of clay. It is particularly durable and weather-resistant.


Perforated sheeting

All our trapezoidal and corrugated sheeting can be processed as perforated sheeting.  Perforated sheeting can be used as a ventilation ceiling in stables, as noise protection panels e.g. in production warehouses and sports arenas, as wind trap sheets in open stables or as a design element.


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