Aluminum or steel corrugated sheeting – direct from the manufacturer in the highest quality

Schütte is your professional partner for corrugated profiles and corrugated sheeting in aluminum and steel.

  • Uniform sinusoidal undulations are ideal for wall cladding
  • Can be installed in horizontal, vertical and diagonal orientation
  • Colored coating or anodized surfaces available
  • Perforated corrugated sheeting also available

Our corrugated sheeting specialists will be happy to advise you in detail on which solution is best suited to your requirements.


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We have the following standard types of corrugated sheeting in stock

Advantages of corrugated sheeting from Schütte – compelling quality

At Schütte, we always stand for outstanding quality and expert advice. We will find the right corrugated sheeting for every application. Whether aluminum or steel – with additional perforation or special coating – we’ll make sure you find what you are looking for.



The corrugated sheeting can be installed in horizontal, vertical and diagonal orientation.


Uniform sinusoidal undulations

Ideal as wall cladding due to uniform sinusoidal undulations.


Customized design

Many different colors and coatings for a customized design.


Direct from the manufacturer

High quality directly from your corrugated sheeting manufacturer, Schütte.



Robust and resistant to external influences.


Customized perforation available

Round holes and special perforation available.


Aluminum corrugated sheeting of proven quality

Are you looking for high-quality aluminum corrugated sheeting for your construction project? Then you’ve come to the right place – we offer you aluminum corrugated sheeting in the highest quality from our own production.

Our aluminum corrugated sheeting is distinguished by its uniformly curved shape. This makes it particularly suitable for wall and façade applications.

Our aluminum corrugated sheeting specialists are happy to advise you.

Steel corrugated sheeting

Do you want to implement your construction project at a particularly low price? Then steel corrugated sheeting is the right choice. Compared to aluminum, steel is significantly less expensive. In addition, it is very robust and stable and is suitable for various applications.

Outstanding references for our corrugated sheeting

  • Wellblech Alu – Schütte Aluminium

    Aluminum corrugated sheeting 18/76

    2,000 m²

  • Wellblech Stahl Referenz – Schütte Aluminium

    Steel corrugated sheeting 18/76

    750 m²

Custom-made aluminum or steel corrugated sheeting

We custom-produce aluminum or steel corrugated sheeting according to your requirements. We use only the highest quality materials to offer you the best possible corrugated sheeting.

  • We manufacture the corrugated sheeting exactly to the desired lengths. So you get exactly the product you need for your project.
  • All our corrugated sheeting is also available as perforated sheeting and with anti-condensation or anti-drone membrane.

Specialized solutions for special profile widths

Individual customer requirements such as special lengths, thicknesses or coatings are possible at any time on request. 

Our corrugated sheeting specialists work together with you to develop the right solution for your wishes and areas of application. Expert and personal advice is standard for us.

We always keep a large stock of various corrugated sheeting for you in our warehouse. That way, we are able to deliver at short notice so you can realize your project in a timely manner.

Corrugated sheeting in certified quality from Germany

When you choose us, you get aluminum and steel corrugated sheeting in the highest “Made in Germany” quality. As one of the leading manufacturers of profiled sheets in Germany, we have more than 15 years of experience.

With us you get expert advice from our specialists and an uncomplicated and smooth process.

All our corrugated sheets are of course CE- and Ü-certified and comply with the DIN EN 1090-3 EXC3 standard.


Corrugated sheeting as wall cladding for façades

Corrugated sheeting is primarily installed as wall cladding. Due to its uniform sinusoidal undulations, this profile is ideal as a design element, e.g. on façades.

The corrugated profile can be installed in a horizontal, vertical and diagonal orientation and can therefore be used more flexibly than any other profiled sheeting. Our aluminum and steel corrugated sheeting is a valued design element for architects and builders when designing modern façades.

Corrugated sheeting for your roof

Corrugated sheeting can also be used as roofing. The sheeting is used both in new construction and for the renovation of old roofs. You can create a real eye-catcher if you choose corrugated sheeting for your roof in a different color than for the wall cladding.


We manufacture corrugated sheets in sheet thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 1mm and in various colors

We have a wide stock of raw materials so that we can react quickly and flexibly to your needs. We offer corrugated sheeting in different sheet thicknesses:

  • 0.5 mm (aluminum and steel)
  • 0.7 mm (aluminum)
  • 0.75 mm (steel)
  • 0.8 mm (aluminum)
  • 1mm (aluminum)

Naturally, we can also provide the corrugated sheets with anti-condensation or anti-drone membranes. In addition to perforation, anodizing and cambering is also available.

Versatile applications for our corrugated sheeting

Due to its uniform sinusoidal undulations, corrugated sheeting is particularly suitable for use in wall coverings for façades. It is used, for example, in shed and stable construction, as well as in industrial and commercial construction.

Corrugated sheeting is also ideal for a combined application for roof coverings and façade cladding. When different colors are used, it creates a special eye-catching visual effect.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you on which solution is suitable for your purpose. Just contact us!

Accessories for our aluminum and steel corrugated sheeting

You can also source all compatible accessories for your corrugated sheeting from us:

  • trims and flashings,
  • flat sheets,
  • light panels
  • and fastenings 

We offer you a one-stop service.

Corrugated sheeting in many dimensions and cuts

We supply corrugated sheeting with millimeter-precise cutting and in your customized dimensions.

The following standard dimensions are available:

  • Possible width: from 300 mm to 1,067 mm
  • Possible length: from 500 mm to 15,000 mm

Other dimensions and cuts are available at any time on request. Just contact us and let our specialists advise you.

Coatings for corrugated sheeting:

  • Standard slightly glossy 25 µm polyester
  • 35 µm matt polyester (matt, rough)
  • 35 µm structured polyester (wood look)
  • Other coating methods available on request

Membrane for trapezoidal sheeting

  • Anti-condensation membrane
  • Anti-drone membrane

Finishing for corrugated sheeting

  • Perforation available
  • Cambering
  • Anodizing

Instead of the colored coating, a unique color effect can be achieved, especially for corrugated sheets with anodized surfaces. The natural structure of the aluminum is maintained by the anodizing. The anodized material covers the aluminum like a transparent lacquer layer. Of course, this also provides corrosion protection for the anodized shaft.

Further design highlights can be achieved, for example, by the use of perforated corrugated sheeting and corresponding backlighting.

Just contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

Smooth process from inquiry to delivery of your corrugated sheeting

Our many years of experience in the production of corrugated sheeting enable a professional and smooth process from the receipt of your request, through expert advice, to the production of your aluminum or steel corrugated sheeting.

  • Please contact our professionals at with your exact requirements for the corrugated sheeting and your desired material (aluminum or steel).
  • Our expert staff will make you an offer for the production of corrugated sheeting.
  • After we accept your order, we will produce your corrugated profile in the desired dimensions.
  • We need about 5-7 working days for production.
  • In about 8-10 more days we can deliver your corrugated sheeting to your place of use on request.

Sie haben Fragen zu unseren Wellblechen? Wir haben die Antworten.

Corrugated sheet, which is also known as sinusoidal profile and curved sheet, is a corrugated sheet. Due to the corrugated finish, the load-bearing capacity is improved in the long term. Even at low thicknesses, corrugated metal sheets are very resistant and can withstand high loads, for example, due to large amounts of snow without any problems. Another advantage of corrugated sheet is its low cost. Like trapezoidal sheets, we manufacture corrugated sheets from steel or aluminum, depending on the requirements and the place of use. Corrugated metal sheets can also be used for both roof and wall structures. Installation in vertical, horizontal and diagonal orientation is also no problem.

Do you have any further questions about corrugated sheets? Feel free to contact us and we will help you find the right roof sheets for your project!

Corrugated steel sheets are usually cheaper than their aluminum counterparts. Steel is most often used when it comes to projects that require a high load capacity. Corrugated steel sheets should be avoided in agriculture and industry, where they come into contact with ammonia or other gases.

Corrugated aluminum sheets are usually more expensive than their steel counterparts. The advantage of corrugated aluminum sheets is, on the one hand, its light weight and, on the other hand, the fact that it is easily formable. Thus, it can be processed quickly and easily. In contrast to corrugated sheets made of steel, it is resistant to rust. Due to its high resistance also to ammonia and other gases that often escape in agriculture and parts of industry, a corrugated sheet of aluminum is particularly suitable for interiors. The appearance of corrugated aluminum sheet is also often a selection criterion.

Sie haben weitere Fragen? Sprechen Sie uns gerne persönlich an!

Do you have any questions? We are here for you.