Aluminum corrugated sheeting of proven quality

Are you looking for high-quality aluminum corrugated sheeting for your construction project? Then you’ve come to the right place – we offer you aluminum corrugated sheeting in the highest quality from our own production.

Our aluminum corrugated sheeting is distinguished by its uniformly curved shape. This makes it particularly suitable for wall and façade applications.

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Aluminum corrugated sheeting with a long service life

Due to its material, aluminum corrugated sheeting is particularly durable and weather-resistant. The uniform sinusoidal undulations ensures high stability, load-bearing capacity and rigidity even for sheeting with a low thickness. Our aluminum corrugated sheeting can be installed in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal orientation, which offer greats design freedom in its application.

Discover the versatile properties and advantages of our aluminum corrugated sheeting for yourself.

Low weight

Particularly light, which adds versatility



Long service life thanks to tested aluminum quality – 100% rust-free


High load capacity

Even with thin sheets, thanks to sine wave shape


Quick installation

Flexible application reduces construction time


Optical highlight

Aluminum corrugated sheeting is a visual eye-catcher



Extremely weather-resistant and robust against external influences


Numerous references for aluminum corrugated sheeting confirm our excellence

  • Wellblech Alu – Schütte Aluminium

    Aluminum corrugated sheeting 18/76

    2,000 m²

  • Wellblech Alu – Schütte Aluminium

    Aluminum corrugated sheeting 18/76

    1,250 m²

The right aluminum corrugated sheeting for every application

Aluminum corrugated sheeting is widely used in the private and commercial sectors. Due to its uniformly curved shape, it is particularly suitable for cladding façades and roof coverings in new buildings and renovations.

Our aluminum corrugated sheeting is used in residential buildings, carports, warehouses, stables, carparks, office buildings, sheds, and many other applications.
We have the right product for every project and every challenge.

Our aluminum corrugated sheeting lets you determine numerous parameters – tailored to your requirements:

  • Sheet thickness
  • Distances between waves
  • Wave heights
  • Colors
  • many extras such as perforation, cambering, anodizing, and much more.

All aluminum corrugated sheets are also compatible with a variety of light panels from our range, and can be easily combined.

Buy aluminum corrugated sheeting directly from the manufacturer

The quality of our products is very important to us. At our location in Ganderkesee (Oldenburg), we manufacture our corrugated sheeting for you ourselves using modern equipment. Thanks to our large warehouse, we are always able to deliver various types of aluminum corrugated sheeting at short notice, so that you can realize your project at any time.

We are proud of the long-term cooperation with our suppliers, which allows us to guarantee consistent quality. When you choose us, you get "made in Germany" quality and enjoy maximum flexibility according to your requirements.
It goes without saying that our aluminum corrugated sheeting meets the standards of EN 1090-3 and is CE certified.


Our standard range features 18/76 corrugated sheeting. The available thicknesses for aluminum are between 0.5 mm and 1mm.
Further processing options such as perforation, cambering and anodizing are available at any time on request.

On request, we also offer corrugated profiles according to your individual requirements. Just contact us directly.

Aluminum corrugated sheeting is suitable for both roof and wall installations for both private and commercial applications.

  • Warehouses
  • Stables and other agricultural sheds
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Parking garages
  • Gas stations
  • Office buildings
  • Sports arenas and riding halls
  • Fences
  • Tool sheds and garden sheds
  • Carports
  • Residential buildings

Naturally, we also offer the right accessories for your desired corrugated aluminum sheeting. In our warehouse, we stock screws for mounting on wooden and steel substructures, as well as matching saddle washers. We also stock trims and flashings to match the pitch of your roof. We offer you a one-stop service.

The great advantage of aluminum corrugated sheeting lies in its high resilience and weather resistance. Rain, hail, storms and other external influences will do almost no damage, which is why our aluminum corrugated sheeting is particularly durable. It is not sensitive to ammonia or other gases, which makes it particularly suitable for use in agricultural or industrial buildings. Aluminum corrugated sheeting is also often used in coastal areas, as it is resistant to the salty sea air.

Aluminum is also rust-free even in the event of damage, and does not warp. It offers you a high-quality product that lasts.


The cost of aluminum corrugated sheeting depends on sheet thickness, profile length and the desired extras such as cambering, perforations and coatings.
We are happy to make you an individual offer for your requirements. Request one now!


Aluminum corrugated sheeting can be purchased with various coatings:

  • Standard slightly glossy 25 µm polyester
  • 35 µm matt polyester (matt, rough)
  • 35 µm structured polyester (wood look)
  • More coating options on request

Coatings support the longevity of the aluminum corrugated sheeting and also protect it from external influences. The thicker the coating, the more durable its construction.

Aluminum corrugated sheeting basically has a longer service life than steel corrugated sheeting due to its material properties. Aluminum can also be recycled without loss of quality. This makes the material even more durable.

The service life of our aluminum corrugated sheeting depends on various factors – e.g. location (indoor or outdoor use) and external influences (gases, sea air). With proper application and assembly, you will enjoy your structures for a very long time.

Do you have any questions? We are here for you.