Corrugated sheet metal roofing panels as cost-effective roofing

We produce corrugated sheeting for your roofing needs made of steel or aluminum. Our sheeting is produced at our Ganderkesee plant and we always have an influence on the production process. This is why we can consistently guarantee the high quality of our corrugated sheet metal roofing.

We produce our standard profile corrugated 18/76 sheeting in various colors. This allows you to optimally adjust your roof to the environment and to your wall.

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Why is corrugated sheeting a sensible choice for roofing?

Corrugated sheet metal roofing is easy to assemble and very light. A corrugated sheet metal roof weighs only one tenth of a conventional roof made of cement pans. As a result, the substructure can be made much lighter. The smooth surface also makes it easy to clean.



Color that matches your building.


Quick installation

Reduction of assembly costs.


Long service life

Aluminum corrugated sheeting is particularly durable.


Direct from the manufacturer

Quality direct from the manufacturer without intermediaries.



Robust and resistant to external influences.


Certified quality

Our corrugated sheeting is certified according to CE and DIN EN 1090-3.


Our references for corrugated sheet metal roofing panels

  • Wellblech Alu – Schütte Aluminium

    Aluminum corrugated sheeting 18/76

    1,250 m²

  • Wellblech Alu – Schütte Aluminium

    Aluminum corrugated sheeting 18/76

    2,000 m²

  • Wellblech Stahl Referenz – Schütte Aluminium

    Steel corrugated sheeting 18/76

    750 m²

Roofing with corrugated sheeting direct from the manufacturer

We produce the corrugated sheeting in our factory in Ganderkesee near Oldenburg. This has several advantages for you:

  • Our standard profiles are always produced from our stock. This allows us to deliver quickly.
  • We have access to the production process. This allows us to custom-produce according to your wishes.
  • We produce not only corrugated sheeting for roofing, but also accessories such as trims and flashings. We offer you a one-stop service.
  • We provide contact persons who are familiar with the subject matter and are available to provide you with advice and assistance.

Product features of our corrugated sheet metal roofing

  • Length up to 15 meters possible
  • Material thicknesses of 0.70 mm for aluminum and 0.75 mm for steel
  • Different panel widths are possible
  • Anti-drone and anti-condensation membrane can be additionally installed
  • Color coating for long-term weather resistance


Applications of corrugated sheeting for roofs

Corrugated sheeting for roofs is particularly suitable for industrial construction and the construction of sheds. In addition, corrugated sheeting can also be used for covering carports, tool sheds in the garden or for roofing open storage areas.


Interesting facts about corrugated sheeting for roofs

With proper laying and the additional use of an anti-drone membrane, the volume can be reduced significantly and hardly differs from a conventional roof.

For further noise reduction, an additional false ceiling can be inserted as insulation.

Yes, with non-insulated roofs, condensation can form when the warmer indoor air cools down on the sheets. We counteract this with our anti-condensation membrane. This prevents condensation and the associated droplet formation.


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