ISO roof panels – Sandwich panels for your roof ing the highest quality

SCHÜTTE has been a long-established manufacturer of trapezoidal and corrugated profile aluminium and steel sheeting. However, working hand-in-hand with our carefully-selected group of experienced suppliers, we can also offer you sandwich panels made of steel for your roofing and wall applications.


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Advantages of our ISO panels for roofs


Approved for the German market.


Highest quality

25mµ color coating inside and outside.


Flexible design

Choice of different core materials and colors.


Special features of our sandwich roof panels

Our insulated panels for use in the construction of roofs all come with appropriate certification allowing them to be sold on the German market and are characterised by their outstanding quality. This includes, for example, that the interior and exterior surfaces of the insulated panels are coated with a 25 mµ thick layer of paint as standard. No other company offers this level of quality.

Our insulated panels come with a choice of core materials, PU foam or mineral wool, and in several core thicknesses. In addition, the insulated panels are available in a wide variety of colours.

The price performance ratio of the panels is also particularly attractive, as the necessary cut back in the sandwich panels is performed in the factory meaning that it is not necessary to do this when laying the panels and this, in turn, results in a saving in time and money.

Compatible accessories for ISO roof panels

In addition, we can offer you a comprehensive range of accessories for the insulated panels such as, individual flashings and suitable fixing screws.

Insulated roofing panels can be used on industrial and commercial buildings, sports centres, warehouse, power stations as well as on livestock and other agricultural metal-clad buildings.

Sandwich roof panels with PUR core

Roof panel features

  • High thermal insulation capacity
    Core made of PUR rigid foam with seal inserted during the manufacturing process
  • High fireproofing
    thanks to a uniquely double-sided shaped panel closure joint
  • Easy assembly
    lock profiling and taper of the inner joint
  • Compatible system
    panels are adapted to the connection using panels with different core material
  • High resistance of the corrosion protection coating
    thanks to appropriate technology for profiling the surface
  • High load capacity
    thanks to trapezoidal profiling of the outer surface
  • Good drainage of precipitation water

Areas of applicationas sandwich panels for roofs

  • lightweight roofing
  • industrial and service facilities
  • agricultural objects
  • logistics objects
  • fruit and vegetable storage
  • sports arenas


Sie haben Fragen zu unseren Sandwichpaneelen? Wir haben die Antworten.

Sandwich panels are three-part panels consisting of a composite element for the construction of roof and wall structures. Wherever heavy weight constructions are not possible due to statics, the comparatively light and inexpensive sandwich panels are particularly suitable.

The two outer shells are made of steel. There are various choices for the insulation core. We offer PUR (polyurethane) foam and mineral wool. These differ in terms of insulating effect and fire protection properties. Another selection criterion is the core thickness. The thicker the core, the heavier the sandwich construction. The fact that it is a composite element means that it can be assembled quickly, thus ensuring effective construction progress. In addition to thermal insulation, the insulating core also provides sound insulation.

Do you have further questions about sandwich panels? Our team of experts will be happy to help you! Contact us and together we will find a solution for your project.

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