Aluminum and steel perforated sheeting direct from the manufacturer

Perforated sheeting is used in a wide range of applications. Whether as ventilated roofing in livestock building, as sound-deadening panels in production facilities and sports halls, as sheet-metal porches in open-air stables or simply as architectural design elements.

As the interior surfaces of the punched holes in the sheeting are not colour coated, they are not protected against corrosion, and for this reasons we recommend the use of aluminium and not steel sheeting. Aluminium sheeting is also easy to install and has a long service life.

We can produce a variety of hole patterns on our punch presses. This is of particular importance in the manufacture of ventilated roofing sheets. Whether only partial or full perforation, flat metalor profiled metal sheets, we ensure that your individual requirements are me and we are always the partner of choice to assist you in your project.

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Perforated sheeting in manufacturer quality

Quality from the manufacturer

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Customized perforation

Our punching machine can create a variety of hole patterns.



Application in the commercial, industrial and private sector.


Aluminum perforated sheeting

Aluminum perforated sheeting is particularly durable and corrosion-resistant. We custom-produce aluminum perforated sheeting for you. As a result, we can produce special hole patterns according to your wishes.

Steel perforated sheeting

Steel perforated sheeting is more susceptible to corrosion. Nevertheless, they are an inexpensive alternative to aluminum perforated sheeting. Our punching machine can create different hole patterns in the steel plates.


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