Aluminum perforated sheeting – custom-produced directly by the manufacturer

Our standard aluminum perforated sheeting is uniformly perforated at regular intervals. This creates a regular hole pattern. 

We custom-produce aluminum perforated sheeting for you. As a result, we can produce special hole patterns according to your wishes.

Our aluminum perforated sheeting specialists will be happy to advise you on your purchase.

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The following hole patterns are available for aluminum perforated sheeting

  • Standard perforation
  • Round perforation in straight rows
  • Slotted holes in straight rows
  • Full perforation
  • Special samples on request

Advantages of aluminum perforated sheeting – long service life guaranteed

Its material alone makes aluminum perforated sheeting particularly durable and weather-resistant. Our aluminum perforated sheeting can be installed in vertical, horizontal and diagonal orientation, offering a wide range of uses.

Discover the versatile properties and advantages of our aluminum perforated sheeting for yourself.

Low weight

Particularly light, which adds versatility.


Easy to assemble

Reduction of construction time saves costs.


Long service life

Aluminum perforated sheeting has a long service life.


Direct from the manufacturer

There are no distributor costs.



Robust and weather-resistant against external influences.


Customized hole patterns available

Whether round hole or oblong hole, hexagonal hole or square hole.



Our references for aluminum perforated sheeting

  • Lochblech Aluminium – Schütte Aluminium

    Aluminum perforated sheeting for pigsties 20/12

    1,000 m²

  • Lochblech Aluminium – Schütte Aluminium

    Aluminum perforated sheeting for parking garages

    Special hole ø 30 mm

  • Lochblech Aluminium – Schütte Aluminium

    Aluminum perforated sheeting for parking garages

    Special hole ø 30 mm

Aluminum perforated sheeting made to measure or cut to size

We are happy to manufacture your aluminum perforated sheeting according to your desired dimensions. In addition to the standard holes, customized hole patterns are also available. The production of your perforated sheeting takes place in our location in Ganderkesee (Oldenburg).

Due to our large warehouse, we are always able to supply various types of aluminum perforated sheeting at short notice, so that you can realize your project quickly and without any construction stops.

“Made in Germany” quality and CE certified

You always receive the highest “Made in Germany” quality and enjoy flexibility according to your requirements. As an experienced specialist in the field of aluminum sheet metal processing, we also offer you a consistently high quality standard for our aluminum perforated sheeting and guarantee expert advice and a smooth process. 

It goes without saying that our aluminum perforated sheeting meets the standards of EN 1090-3 and is CE certified.


Our aluminum perforated sheeting can be produced in various thicknesses. 

We have the following standard strengths in the program: 

  • Aluminum perforated sheet thickness 0.7 mm 
  • Aluminum perforated sheet thickness 0.8 mm
  • Aluminum perforated sheet thickness 1.0 mm

Typical applications for our aluminum perforated sheeting are

  • Sheds and industrial buildings
  • Mechanical and plant Engineering
  • Ventilation grilles in stables
  • Food industry and process engineering
  • Filter technology

But our aluminum perforated sheeting is also ideal for use indoors as design elements. The perforation creates a unique play of light.

Of course, we also offer the right accessories for your desired aluminum perforated sheeting:

  • screws – for mounting on steel and wooden substructures 
  • matching saddle washers
  • trims and flashings – matching the pitch of your roof

We offer you a one-stop service.

We supply aluminum perforated sheeting with millimeter-precise cutting and dimensions.

The following standard dimensions are available:

  • Possible width: from 125 mm to 1,250 mm
  • Possible length: from 500 mm to 12,000 mm
  • Standard size: 2000 mm x 1000 mm

Further cuts and dimensions of our aluminum perforated sheeting are of course possible. Just let our specialists advise you.

Our coatings for aluminum perforated sheeting:

  • Standard slightly glossy 25 µm polyester
  • 35 µm matt polyester (matt, rough)
  • 35 µm structured polyester (wood look)
  • Other coating methods available on request

Powder-coated aluminum perforated sheeting

Our aluminum perforated sheeting is powder coated. Powder coating is the most economical process for finishing metal surfaces.

The coating increases the longevity of the aluminum perforated sheeting and protects them from external influences.

The thicker the coating, the more durable its construction!

Smooth process from inquiry to delivery

As an experienced supplier of aluminum perforated sheeting, we offer you a smooth process and expert advice. 

  • Please contact our specialists at with your exact wishes and requirements for us.
  • Our employees will make you an offer for the production of aluminum perforated sheeting. On request, we will also make you an offer for delivery.
  • After acceptance of the order, we manufacture your aluminum perforated sheeting to measure.
  • Usually we need 5-7 working days for manufacturing on stock material.
  • Perforated sheeting has slightly longer delivery times depending on the hole pattern.

Aluminum perforated sheeting as storm porch sheeting or ventilation ceilings

Storm porch sheeting can be made from any of our trapezoidal sheeting and corrugated sheeting. It prevents strong drafts or protects against rain, and provides sufficient ventilation in the stables.

Aluminum corrugated and trapezoidal perforated sheeting

In addition to smooth aluminum perforated sheeting, all our corrugated sheeting and trapezoidal sheeting in our range can also be provided with customized hole punching. We guarantee the best possible quality and time implementation for your trapezoidal perforated sheeting or perforated corrugated sheeting.


Useful FAQs about aluminum perforated sheeting

A perforated aluminum sheet is the lightweight among the profiled sheets. It can be used in many ways: Facade decorationsentire and facade elements interior finishing.

Due to the perforation, perforated aluminum sheets can be optimally used for the installation of forced ventilation, sound regulation, sun protection and visual protection elements. Despite the low weight, the sheets are very robust and weather-resistant.

Do you have more in-depth questions about perforated sheets? Our team of experts will be happy to help you! Contact us and together we will find a solution for your project.

The cost of our aluminum perforated sheeting depends of course on the size, color coating and type of hole punching. Aluminum perforated sheeting is more expensive than steel perforated sheeting, but also more durable. An additional coating is not necessarily required, such as galvanizing for steel perforated sheeting.

Feel free to contact us. We will make you an individual offer, tailored to your requirements and wishes.

Aluminum perforated sheeting generally has a very long service life due to the property of the material. Aluminum can be recycled without loss of quality. This makes the material very durable.

The service life depends on other factors:

  • the location (application outside or inside)
  • external influences (e.g. gases, sea air or particularly high heat).

With proper application and installation, you will enjoy our aluminum perforated sheeting in your structures for a very long time!

Do you have any questions? We are here for you.