Steel perforated sheeting – custom-manufactured for you

Our steel perforated sheeting has a uniform perforation at regular intervals. Our punching machine can create different hole patterns in the steel plates. This allows us to implement almost unlimited design possibilities.

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Steel perforated sheeting is particularly suitable for ventilation ceilings, storm porch sheeting and noise barrier panels. It is also used in the private sector, for example in partition walls, as burglary protection or as screens.


The advantages of steel perforated sheeting

All our trapezoidal sheeting und corrugated sheeting can also be further processed as perforated sheeting. Due to its material, steel perforated sheeting is very stable and inexpensive.



Steel perforated sheeting is particularly inexpensive.



Application in the commercial, industrial and private sector.


Customized perforation

Partial perforation or full perforation: from opaque to transparent.


Our references for steel perforated sheeting

  • Lochblech Stahl – Schütte Aluminium

    Steel perforated sheeting 20/125

    700 m²

  • Lochblech Stahl – Schütte Aluminium

    Steel perforated sheeting 20/125

    700 m²

Custom production of steel perforated sheeting according to your wishes

The possible uses for steel perforated sheeting are as diverse and varied as the possible hole patterns.

You are used

  • for façades,
  • in privacy screens
  • or in exterior construction.

But there are also no limits to their applications in interior design. For example, steel perforated sheeting produces special light effects due to its uniform perforation. The various hole patterns allow creative design possibilities. This allows us to realize even the most unique customer wishes quickly and easily.

Steel perforated sheeting made to measure

Steel perforated sheeting is suitable for a wide range of applications. We custom-manufacture the perforated sheeting according to your requirements and the eventual place of use. We ensure that the steel perforated sheeting fits exactly for your desired application.

The following standard dimensions are available:

  • Possible width: from 125mm to 1250mm
  • Possible length: from 300mm to 12000mm

In addition, of course, all the trapezoidal and corrugated sheeting in our range can be provided with hole punching. We can also easily produce custom sizes on request. Simply contact our specialists.


Possible hole widths

With our steel perforated sheeting you can choose from different hole sizes/hole widths. We offer the following sizes as standard:

  • 0.63 mm steel perforated sheeting
  • 0.75 mm steel perforated sheeting

Applications of our perforated steel sheets

Steel perforated sheeting is used on four sides. Despite the high stability due to the steel material, is also allows a pleasant amount of light to pass through.

Typical applications for our steel perforated sheeting are:

  • Shed and industrial building façades
  • Privacy protection on roads, highways, railway lines or gardens
  • Ventilation grilles (e.g. for aircraft or in industrial warehouses)
  • Sieve for agricultural use or in other industries
  • Cladding of machines or walls

Our coatings for steel perforated sheeting:

  • Standard slightly glossy 25 µm polyester
  • 35 µm matt polyester (matt, rough)
  • 35 µm structured polyester (wood look)
  • Other coating methods available on request

In addition, our steel perforated sheeting is galvanized to protect it from corrosion.

Accessories for perforated steel plates

We offer the following accessories to match your requested steel perforated sheeting:

  • screws – for mounting on steel and wooden substructures
  • matching saddle washers
  • trims and flashings – matching the pitch of your roof

We offer you a one-stop service.


Galvanized steel perforated sheeting

Steel perforated sheeting is not resistant to corrosion due to its material properties when exposed to weather or other external influences. The corrosion protection can be improved by galvanizing the steel sheeting. The steel perforated sheeting is immersed in a liquid zinc melt until a thin coating fills the sheeting.

Galvanized steel perforated sheeting can also be used outdoors. It should be noted that the galvanization takes place after the perforation to ensure that the punching edges are also galvanized.

In order to save this step, we therefore recommend aluminum perforated sheeting, if it is to be used outdoors.

Interesting facts about steel perforated sheeting

The prices for our perforated sheeting depend on the desired sizes of the sheeting, the coating and the required hole size. Steel perforated sheeting is less expensive than aluminum sheeting. For steel perforated sheeting, however, additional galvanizing is necessary depending on the location of use, so the prices vary here as well.

Feel free to contact us. We will make you an individual offer, tailored to your requirements and wishes.

Essentially, we offer steel and aluminum perforated sheeting. Depending on the desired field of application, it must be decided which material is suitable and which advantages are decisive.

Since the corrosion protection of the paint coating is no longer provided on the punched edges of steel perforated sheeting, we recommend aluminum perforated sheeting for outdoor use.

We advise you comprehensively and expertly which material is best suited for your perforated sheeting. Contact our specialists.

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