Custom specialized solutions for trapezoidal and corrugated sheeting

Bespoke manufacturing is standard practice for us. We custom-make the trapezoidal and corrugated profile sheeting according to your wishes and specifications. And in doing so, we assist you from the planning stage right up to the final manufacture.


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Curve-forming of the 18/76 corrugated sheeting

Our 18/76 corrugated sheeting can be curve-formed due to the shape of its symmetrical sinusoidal profile. This is performed on a special curve-forming machine and according to your requirements. Through this, the sheeting can be curved into individually-determined radii. Sheeting formed in this way is used, for example, in the construction of arched roof steel buildings such as hangars or indoor tennis centres. The surface of the corrugated sheeting is not damaged by the curve-forming process so that the corrosion-resistant coating remains intact. Curve-forming can be performed on sheeting having a thickness of between 0.7 mm and 1.00 mm.


Crimp curving of 30/153 trapezoidal profile sheeting

The 30/153 profile can be crimp curved to manufacture sheets in a variety of radii without compromising the finished surface of the material. The corrosion-resistant coating remains intact. Using this method, a continuous flow of sheeting from wall to roof can be easily achieved. Additional trims and flashings are not necessary.



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