Aluminum or steel trapezoidal sheeting and trapezoidal profiles – custom-produced directly by the manufacturer

Schütte is your high-performance partner for trapezoidal sheeting and trapezoidal profiles in aluminum and steel.

  • fast delivery due to wide stock
  • 0.35 mm - 1mm thickness in many different colors
  • custom-production and specialized solutions

We manufacture our profiled sheets on state-of-the-art roll forming lines.

Our trapezoidal sheeting specialists will be happy to advise you before buying. We’ll ensure you find the right solution for your requirements.

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We have the following standard trapezoidal sheeting types in stock

Trapezoidal perforated sheeting

Our trapezoidal sheeting is available with customized hole punching.


Advantages of trapezoidal sheeting – long service life guaranteed

Discover the advantages and compelling product properties of our trapezoidal sheeting for yourself. We at Schütte stand for the highest quality and expert advice.



Produced according to your wishes.


Above-average service life

Trapezoidal sheeting has a long service life.


Fast & cost-effective installation

Reduction of assembly costs.


Direct from the manufacturer

There are no distributor costs.



Robust and resistant to external influences.


Customized perforation available

Whether round, long, hexagonal or square holes.


Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting

We are your professional contact and manufacturer for aluminum trapezoidal sheeting. Due to its material properties, the profiled sheeting is particularly easy to clean, weather-resistant and robust. The biggest advantage: aluminum does not rust.


Steel trapezoidal sheeting

In addition to aluminum profiled sheeting, we also produce steel trapezoidal sheeting. Compared to aluminum, these are significantly less expensive and extra-stable. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on whether steel trapezoidal sheeting is suitable for your requirements.


Our references for trapezoidal sheeting

  • Schütte Aluminium – Trapezbleche aus Alu & Stahl

    Trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

    500 m²


  • Schütte Aluminium – Trapezbleche aus Alu & Stahl

    Trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

    500 m²

  • Trapezbleche aus Aluminium – Schütte Aluminium

    Trapezoidal 20/125 profile (walls) & 18/76 (roofs)

    Each 1,500 m²

  • Trapezbleche aus Aluminium – Schütte Aluminium

    Trapezoidal sheeting for sheds (20/125)

    1,000 m²

  • Trapezblech Stahl – Schütte Aluminium

    Trapezoidal sheeting for sheds (20/125)

    1,000 m²

  • Trapezbleche aus Alu & Stahl – Schütte Aluminium

    Trapezoidal sheeting project in Iceland (35/207)

     2,200 m²


  • Trapezbleche aus Alu & Stahl – Schütte Aluminium

    Trapezoidal sheeting project in Iceland (35/207)

     2,200 m²

Made-to-measure aluminum or steel trapezoidal sheeting

We produce aluminum or steel trapezoidal sheeting according to your requirements. Customized production is standard for us.

  • We manufacture the trapezoidal profiles and trapezoidal sheeting exactly to the desired lengths.
  • We can process the profiled sheeting at our plant, e.g. into perforated sheeting used as slotted or perforated ventilation ceilings in stables, efficiently and at short notice.

Specialized solutions for special profile widths

We develop and plan specialized solutions, such as special profile widths of trapezoidal sheeting, together with our customers and implement them precisely.

The production of your trapezoidal sheeting takes place in our plant in Ganderkesee near Oldenburg.

Due to our large warehouse, we are always in a position to deliver a variety of profiled sheeting to your construction site at short notice, so that you can achieve, implement and realize your project as quickly as possible.

Trapezoidal sheeting CE-certified and “Made in Germany”

You will receive trapezoidal sheeting with "Made in Germany” top quality. As an experienced producer of trapezoidal sheeting, we offer you a consistently high quality standard and guarantee qualified advice and an uncomplicated and smooth process from the initial consultation to delivery.

It goes without saying that our aluminum and steel trapezoidal sheeting meets the standards of EN 1090-3 and is CE certified.


Trapezoidal profiles – perfect as roofing

Trapezoidal profiles (especially made of aluminum) are excellent for roof covering insertion. For this reason, these profiles are increasingly found in housing and house construction.

Trapezoidal sheeting is an excellent choice if you want to cover larger areas protected from wind and rain.

We manufacture trapezoidal sheeting in sheet thicknesses from 0.35 mm to 1mm and in various colors

We have a wide stock of raw materials so that we can react quickly and flexibly to your needs. So we can offer you our trapezoidal profiles in different sheet thicknesses from 0.35mm - 1mm and in many different colors.

Naturally, we can also provide the trapezoidal sheeting with anti-condensation or anti-drone membranes.

Typical applications for our trapezoidal sheeting

Trapezoidal sheeting is mainly used in shed construction and stable construction, as well as in industrial and commercial construction, where they are used for large-area roofs or façade cladding.

Our trapezoidal sheeting specialists will be happy to advise you on which solution is suitable for your individual requirements. Just contact us!

Accessories for aluminum and steel trapezoidal sheeting

You can also source all compatible accessories for your desired trapezoidal sheeting from us:

  • trims and flashings,
  • flat sheets 
  • and fastenings 

We offer you a one-stop service.


Trapezoidal sheeting in many dimensions and cuts

We supply trapezoidal sheeting with millimeter-precise cutting and dimensions.

The following standard dimensions are available:

  • Possible width: from 125 mm to 1250 mm
  • Possible length: from 300 mm to 12000 mm

Of course, we can also provide other dimensions or cuts of our trapezoidal sheeting. Let our professionals advise you.

Coatings for trapezoidal sheeting:

  • Standard slightly glossy 25 µm polyester
  • 35 µm matt polyester (matt, rough)
  • 35 µm structured polyester (wood look)
  • Other coating methods available on request

Membrane for trapezoidal sheeting

  • Anti-condensation membrane
  • Anti-drone membrane

Contact us, and let us check the feasibility for your construction project!

Ordering your trapezoidal sheeting – the process from request to delivery

As an experienced supplier of both aluminum and steel trapezoidal sheeting, we offer you a smooth process and first-class advice.

  • Please contact our professionals at with your exact product requirements.
  • Our specialists will make you an offer for the production and delivery of trapezoidal sheeting.
  • After we accept your order, we will produce your desired trapezoidal sheeting.
  • We need about 5-7 working days for production.
  • Your trapezoidal sheeting is therefore available for assembly on the construction site in the shortest possible time!

Sie haben Fragen zu unseren Trapezblechen? Wir haben die Antworten.

Trapezoidal sheets belong to the profiled sheets. The name was derived from the trapezoidal profile. This bending, significantly increases the load-bearing capacity of the trapezoidal sheet. The different trapezoidal sheets differ in profile and purlin spacing. Due to the good storage possibilities, due to low weight and the associated easy transport, the trapezoidal sheet is extremely popular for roof, wall and ceiling constructions.  

With our high-quality trapezoidal sheets, you benefit from long durability. Prerequisites are correct installation, compliance with the necessary slope and sufficient ventilation. 

We use fine steel sheets, aluminum sheets and, in special cases, stainless steel sheets for our trapezoidal sheets.

Do you have any further questions about trapezoidal sheets or the application of trapezoidal sheets? Then please feel free to contact us!

The different trapezoidal sheet profiles W20/125, W30/153, W35/207 and W50/250 differ in profile height and purlin spacing. For example, if the W20/125 trapezoidal sheet profile is selected, this trapezoidal sheet has a profile height of 20mm and has purlin spacing of 125mm.

We will be happy to advise you on special requirements and special projects! We are also happy to offer you individual special solutions.

If the trapezoidal sheets are to be cut, care must be taken to ensure that the tools do not spray sparks during cutting. This can lead to corrosion damage to the sheet later. 

To prevent transport damage to the trapezoidal sheets, make sure that they are loaded properly to the place of use. From six meters, the use of a forklift is no longer recommended: then a crane should be used. 

For more detailed questions or special requirements, please feel free to contact us!

The determining factor is weight. Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel and therefore easier and faster to assemble. Due to the easy malleability of the aluminum material, it is easy and pleasant to lay. This not only saves on assembly costs, but also on labor time, and simultaneously reduces the overall construction time. In addition, there are other advantages for the choice of aluminum trapezoidal sheeting over steel and other metals:

  • Stainless
  • Weather-resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Break- and fire-proof
  • Low mechanical properties

The storage of trapezoidal sheets requires certain conditions to prevent corrosion damage. This ensures a long service life of the trapezoidal sheets. Subsequent repair due to damage occurring during storage can also lead to extensive additional costs.

The optimum is dry storage under a roof on wooden beams or cantilever blocks. If possible, the trapezoidal sheets should be stored at an angle so that any water that has entered can drain off. Storage in the open air should be avoided.

To ensure that the product remains intact for a storage period of more than two weeks, it should be stored in stacks or with appropriate intermediate layers. This guarantees ventilation of the individual trapezoidal sheets.

The actual storage time until installation should not exceed one month. The maximum storage time should not exceed six months. Storage of trapezoidal sheets with anti-condensation fleece and anti-drumming fleece requires additional measures.

Die Trapezbleche unterscheiden sich in der Blechstärke, Profilhöhe und Pfettenabständen. Wir führen Aluminium-Trapezbleche – Blechstärken von 0,5 mm bis 1 mm – und Stahl-Trapezbelche – Blechstärken von 0,5 mm bis 0,75 mm. Die Blechstärke sollte anhand der Lattenabstände der Unterkonstruktion gewählt werden. Dabei ist die Grundregel zu beachten, umso weiter der Abstand zwischen den Latten, umso stärker (Blechstärke) und auch höher (Profilhöhe) muss das Trapezblech sein.

Sind Ihre Trapezbelche besonders hohen Lasten (z.B. Wind oder Tragfähigkeit) ausgesetzt, finden wir auch gerne eine individuelle Lösung für Sie. 

Das Anti-Kondens-Vlies ist eine spezielle Beschichtung, welche an die Unterseite von am Dach montierten Trapezblechen angebracht wird. Hergestellt wird dieses Spezialflies aus PES (geflochtenen Polyesterfasern). 

  • Die Bildung von Kondenswasser an der Unterseite der Trapezbleche wird verhindert. 
  • Potenzielle Schäden an Maschinen und Material werden verhindert. 
  • Das Vlies kann bis zu 1 Liter Wasser pro m² aufnehmen. 

Die Anwendung in Feuchträumen ist allerdings nicht vorgesehen. Um eine Abgabe der gesammelten Feuchtigkeit zu ermöglichen, muss beim Nutzen von Anti-Kondens-Vlies eine Dachneigung von mindestens 10° gegeben sein. Zum anderen muss unbedingt für eine entsprechende Ventilation im Trapezblechdach gesorgt sein. Dadurch kann die Feuchtigkeit mit der Zeit wieder zurück an die Umgebungsluft gegeben werden und verdunsten. Bei geringer Dachneigung sollte immer ein Anti-Kondens-Vlies genutzt werden. Wenn zusätzlich eine schalldämmende Wirkung gewünscht ist, empfehlen wir ein Anti-Dröhn-Vlies. 

Diese Art der Beschichtung wird überwiegend für Fabrikgebäude und Fertigungshallen mit hoher Lärmbelastung an der Unterseite von Trapezblechen für Dachanwendungen eingesetzt. Der Lärm kann bei Trapez- und Profilblechen mit Anti-Dröhn-Vlies um circa 6 dB gemildert werden. Wie das Anti-Kondens-Vlies, kann auch das Anti-Dröhn-Vlies Kondens- beziehungsweise Schwitzwasser aufnehmen. Somit ist dieses Vlies die perfekte Kombination bei Gebäuden, die mit einem schalldämpfenden Effekt ausgestattet werden sollen.

Die Lagerung und der Transport müssen vollkommen trocken ablaufen. Auch bei der Montage muss zwingend auf einen vorsichtigen Umgang mit dem Trapezblech geachtet werden. Die Beschichtung darf unter keinen Umständen beschädigt werden. Zusätzlich gilt die normale Transport- und Lagerempfehlung.

Bei spezifischeren Fragen rund um den Transport und Lagerung kontaktieren Sie uns gerne! 

Sie haben weitere Fragen? Sprechen Sie uns gerne persönlich an!

Do you have any questions? We are here for you.