Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting and roof panels from the specialists

Due to their properties, our aluminum trapezoidal sheeting is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, such as roof coverings or cladding material for façades. They are suitable not only for classic industrial and agricultural buildings, but now also enjoy great popularity in the private segment due to the large selection of colors and ease of installation.

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As your specialist for aluminum trapezoidal sheeting, we offer you "made in Germany” quality. Depending on the application and environment, we have in our assortment a variety of models, designs and finishes suitable for all requirements.

Higher material costs compared to other materials such as steel, are justified by the durability of aluminum trapezoidal sheeting. Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting is also much easier and faster to assemble. This not only saves you time (fast construction progress), but also assembly costs.

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Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting offers you many advantages

Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting is among the light metals, but at the same time it offers high stability. Due to its material properties, it is weather-resistant even in when the surface is damaged. Compared to corrugated profiles, trapezoidal sheeting also has a higher load-bearing capacity. However, this is always dependent on the profile thickness and the sheet thickness.

Discover the versatile properties and advantages of our aluminum trapezoidal sheeting for yourself.

100% recyclable

Climate-friendly and with lower environmental impact (excellent eco-balance)



Extremely durable thanks to multi-layer surface finishing


Break-proof and fire-proof

High strength despite the low weight


Low mechanical properties

Resistant to sea air, algae, moss, ammonia and industrial atmosphere


Low weight

Extremely light while still providing high load capacity


Very good thermal conductivity

Heat is released quickly


Numerous references reflect our many years of experience

  • Schütte Aluminium – Trapezbleche aus Alu & Stahl

    Trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

    500 m²

  • Trapezbleche aus Aluminium – Schütte Aluminium

    Trapezoidal 20/125 (walls) & corrugated sheeting 18/76 (roofs)

    1,500 m² each

  • Trapezbleche aus Aluminium – Schütte Aluminium

    Trapezoidal sheet hall 20/125

    1,000 m²

Versatile applications for trapezoidal sheeting and roof panels made of aluminum

Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to its material properties. Due to the low weight (approx. 2.5 kg/square meter), the sheets are very easy to form and can be quickly and easily processed and assembled. This is an advantage not only for roofs, but also in the cladding of façades, which can be a decisive factor.

Due to excellent resistance, even sea air, agricultural ammonia, or a chemical/aggressive industrial environment cannot harm aluminum trapezoidal sheeting.

Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting “made in Germany” – direct from the manufacturer

Naturally, the quality of our products is important to us. The production of our aluminum trapezoidal sheeting is subject to high quality standards and our profiled sheeting all bears the CE mark.



Standard profile types of our trapezoidal aluminum sheets

Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting is available in different thicknesses, lengths and colors. Our range features the following standard variants. On request, we can also manufacture customized aluminum trapezoidal sheeting for you – just contact us.

(Note: The first number represents the profile height and the second represents the rib width.)

The weight of the aluminum trapezoidal sheeting varies depending on the selected profile height and rib width. This is not negligible for the assembly and substructure (load capacity). Our experts are happy to advise you – just contact us.

Installation instructions for your trapezoidal sheet

As a rule, wooden substructures are suitable for aluminum trapezoidal sheeting. The profiled sheets are attached to the structures with saddle washers. We recommend mounting with domes due to aluminum’s (thermal) expansion behavior. Standard fittings can loosen or break over time.

To ensure that the trapezoidal sheeting is also weather-resistant, you should always lay it in an overlapping manner.           

Coatings for a long lifetime of the aluminum trapezoidal sheets

Even if aluminum trapezoidal sheeting is rust-free, a possible weak point can be contact corrosion: If the aluminum comes into contact with another metallic component, rust can occur in poorly processed profiles (long-term loss of load-bearing capacity). That’s why high quality in terms of color coating and material processing is important.

Our coatings for aluminum trapezoidal sheeting at a glance:

  • 25 µm polyester
  • 35 µm matt polyester
  • 35 µm structured polyester (wood look)
  • Stucco/rolled blank
  • More coating options on request

All coatings additionally promote material properties and ensure even better resistance to weather and durability.

Installation of aluminum trapezoidal sheets

It goes without saying that we’ll provide everything for you from a single source. We offer the following accessories and mounting materials to go with your aluminum trapezoidal sheeting:

  • Color-matching saddle washers
  • Various screws for steel and wooden substructures in stock

We recommend fastening screws and saddle washers in the raised bead for profile sheeting that is installed as roofing sheets. This prevents dripping points from forming.

In addition to fixings, you can also source from us other accessories such as sealant tapes, profiled foam fillers and anti-condensation membranes. Just contact us.

You have questions about aluminum trapezoidal sheets? We have the answers.

The price of trapezoidal sheeting varies greatly, depending on the thickness and material.

Feel free to contact us. We will make you an individual offer, tailored to your requirements and wishes.

The width of aluminum trapezoidal sheeting depends on the selected profile height and rib width. With our standard 20/125, 30/153, 35/207 and 50/250 models, lengths up to 15 m are possible.

The 20/125 has an overall width of 1,000 mm = 1.000 m. In order to achieve a top surface with a width of about 10 m, for example, 10 panels of this profile must be placed together.

Calculation: 9 x 1.000 m (overall width) + 1 x 1.040 m (panel width) = 10.04 m

The determining factor is weight. Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel and therefore easier and faster to assemble. Due to the easy malleability of the aluminum material, it is easy and pleasant to lay. This not only saves on assembly costs, but also on labor time, and simultaneously reduces the overall construction time. In addition, there are other advantages for the choice of aluminum trapezoidal sheeting over steel and other metals:

  • Stainless
  • Weather-resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Break- and fire-proof
  • Low mechanical properties

There’s an easy rule of thumb for this question: The thicker the sheet, the more stable it is. Depending on the area of application, the profile thickness should be taken into account. For example, if you’re planning structures such as solar modules or if you need to be able to walk on the roof surface, a thickness of at least 1 mm should be selected.

Do you have further questions? Please contact us personally!


You have any further questions? Please contact us personally!


Do you have any questions? We are here for you.