Steel trapezoidal sheeting for roof and wall applications

Our high-quality steel trapezoidal sheeting is the first choice for the cladding of roofs and facades! It is used in private residential buildings and carports, industrial warehouses and agricultural buildings. The different profiles give the steel trapezoidal sheeting its unmistakable appearance as well as its high stability and load-bearing capacity.


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Whether new construction or renovation of your private or commercial building – we have the right steel trapezoidal sheeting for your requirements. Our profile sheeting is available in many different thicknesses, colors and coatings. 

Our specialists will be happy to advise you on which type of trapezoidal sheeting is best suited for your project.

Discover our steel trapezoidal sheeting for yourself

Our steel trapezoidal sheeting is particularly robust and can withstand even high load capacities. We manufacture exclusively on state-of-the-art equipment and with selected raw materials of the highest quality. Our professional production processes and many years of experience ensure a consistently high standard of quality. 



Our steel trapezoidal sheeting is extra-stable and robust.


High load capacity

Withstands large weights without bending.


Hail resistance

No dents from hail.


Many thicknesses & colors

Choose from different thicknesses, colors and coatings.


Exceptionally inexpensive

Steel trapezoidal sheeting is priced lower than, for example, aluminum profiles.


Proven quality

Our products are EN and DIN certified.


Impressive quality – our references

  • Schütte Aluminium – Trapezbleche aus Alu & Stahl

    Steel trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

    500 m²

  • Trapezblech Stahl – Schütte Aluminium

    Steel trapezoidal 20/125 sheeting

    1,000 m²

  • Trapezblech Stahl – Schütte Aluminium

    Steel trapezoidal 20/125 sheeting

    1,500 m²

Steel trapezoidal sheeting at the highest level

We produce all our trapezoidal sheeting ourselves in our modern production hall in Ganderkesee near Oldenburg. We are constantly improving our processes and profiling lines in order to always guarantee you the highest possible quality for steel trapezoidal sheeting and other roof and wall applications. We have a wide stock of raw materials so that we can react quickly and flexibly to your needs. This means that we always allow short delivery times.



Standard profile types of our trapezoidal steel sheets

Steel trapezoidal sheeting is available in different thicknesses, lengths and colors. Our range features the following standard variants. Of course, we also offer you other profiles – individually according to your requirements and planned areas of application. Please contact our experts for trapezoidal sheeting.

Anti-condensation and anti-drumming fleece for trapezoidal sheets

Condensation may form on steel roofs of buildings that are uninsulated or barely insulated. Warmer indoor air cools and condenses on the steel trapezoidal sheeting. Condensation may also form on facade cladding with trapezoidal sheeting.

Anti-condensation membranes (also called anti-drip membranes) provides effective protection against the formation of condensation and absorbs moisture. The regular anti-drip membrane absorbs up to 600-900 ml/m² of moisture. At the same time, the membrane also insulates noise from hail or heavy rain.

Alternatively, an anti-drone membrane, which is even thicker and has a porous membranal structure, can be mounted on request under the steel trapezoidal sheeting. With it, it can absorb even more moisture and sound. The sound attenuation is up to 6dB. Depending on the layer thickness of the membrane and the frequency of the occurring sound waves, the trapezoidal sheeting achieves a sound absorption of 5 to 30%.


Coatings steel trapezoidal sheets

Our steel trapezoidal sheeting is available with different coatings and protective varnish. The coatings offer additional protection against external influences and rust, and they are also available in various RAL shades to give the trapezoidal sheeting a distinctive appearance.

Our coatings for steel trapezoidal sheeting at a glance:

  • 25 µm polyester
  • 35 µm matt polyester
  • 35 µm structural polyester (wood look)
  • Stucco/rolled blank
  • More coating options on request

All coatings additionally enhance the material properties of our steel trapezoidal sheeting and provide improved durability and resistance to weather.

Fasteners and accessories suitable for your trapezoidal sheet metal

You can also source all accessories for the steel trapezoidal sheeting from us, such as edge parts, smooth sheets and fasteners. We offer you a one-stop service for fast and smooth processing. We have various screws for steel structures in stock. To match your desired steel trapezoidal sheeting, we offer you saddle washers of the same color.

Steel trapezoidal sheeting can be fastened with comparatively inexpensive steel screws without causing corrosion. More expensive stainless steel screws are not necessary.

Aluminum or steel trapezoidal sheeting?

You can choose from our aluminum or steel trapezoidal sheeting. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages and their use depends on the desired construction project and requirements.

Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting is particularly resistant to corrosion and weather. In addition, it are extremely light and can therefore be shaped more easily. Steel trapezoidal sheeting, on the other hand, is less expensive in comparison and expands less with large temperature fluctuations. In addition, steel does not corrode or rust when it comes into contact with other steel elements.

Let our specialist staff advise you on whether steel or aluminum trapezoidal sheeting is best suited for your application.

The price of trapezoidal sheeting varies greatly, depending on the thickness and material.

Feel free to contact us. We will make you an individual offer, tailored to your requirements and wishes.


The weight varies depending on the thickness and size of the trapezoidal sheeting. Trapezoidal sheeting with a steel core is heavier compared to an aluminum core.

Steel trapezoidal sheeting with a thickness of 0.5 mm has a weight of about 4.9 kg/m².

The choice of thickness of the trapezoidal sheeting depends on its intended use. Our steel trapezoidal sheeting is available starting from a thickness of 0.5 mm. If you are planning a walk-in roof made of trapezoidal sheeting, a higher thickness of 0.75 mm is recommended. In addition, the lath spacing is also important for the accessibility of the trapezoidal sheeting. Steel trapezoidal sheeting is better suited for a walk-on roof compared to aluminum, since it is more stable and less easily deformed.


Steel corrodes, because it rusts when exposed to weather and moisture. In order to protect the steel trapezoidal sheeting from corrosion, it is treated with coatings of zinc or zinc-aluminum. These are so effective that even cut edges do not have to be post-treated and are protected against corrosion.


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