Aluminum or steel trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting – our classic for roofs and walls

  • In aluminum or steel
  • two different widths possible
  • Suitable as roofing in positive position
  • Use as wall cladding or as wall element in negative position
  • Anti-condensation or anti-drone membrane finish available

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Advantages of trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

Trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting is particularly suitable for large areas due to its wave depth and geometry. Even with a thickness as low as 0.7 mm, it can withstand high loads as a roof frame and has an exceptionally high load-bearing capacity. Due to the thin-walled construction, it can also be used flexibly as a wall element in the negative position.

Radii are also no problem for our trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting – Crimp curving allows us to manufacture sheets in a variety of radii without compromising the finished surface of the material.

Discover the versatile properties and advantages of our trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting for yourself.

High load-bearing capacity

Due to excellent geometry of the profile.



Particularly suitable for roof and wall applications.


Easy installation

Especially in aluminum due to the low weight.


Long service life

Even with radii, corrosion protection is completely preserved.


Highly customizable

Through the choice of different colors or finishes.


High-quality workmanship

Matching light panels or membrane finishes are available on request.


Trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting – one of our most popular roof profiles

This trapezoidal sheeting is very widely used in industrial and agricultural construction. Due to its geometric properties and the distance between the shafts, it is particularly suitable for large-area cladding in both roofs and walls. The trapezoidal 30/153 profile has no runnels.

We offer the trapezoidal sheet 30/153 in two widths:

  • In the wide span version, the 30/153 profile is formed with a supporting foot, which makes the profile particularly rigid.
  • The 30/153 profile is often used for wall cladding or even for wall elements when installed as crest profile.

Trapezoidal sheeting with a profile of 30/153 is available from us in aluminum or steel – depending on the requirement and area of application.


Trapezoidal sheeting with anti-condensation or anti-drone membrane

Naturally, we can also provide the trapezoidal sheeting with anti-condensation or anti-drone membranes.

You can also source all compatible accessories from us, such as trims and flashings, smooth sheets and fastenings – a one-stop service!

We find the right solution for every requirement. Get expert advice from our trapezoidal sheeting specialists.

Standard RAL colors for our trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

Our designs

Strength: 0,5mmStrength: 0,7mmStrength: 0,8mmStrength: 0,1mmStrength: 0,5mmStrength: 0,63mmStrength: 0,75mm
stuccoxon requeston request
plate-rolledxxon requeston request
oxide red3009xon requeston request
loden greensimilar to 6003xon requeston request
moss green6005xon requeston requestx
fir green6009xon requeston request
chrome oxide green6020on requeston requestx
anthracite gray7016xon requeston requestxx
red-brown8012on requeston requestxxx
sepia brown8014xon requeston request
mahogany brown8016xon requeston request
gray white9002xon requeston requestx
brilliant metallic9006xon requeston requestx

Coatings and colors for our trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

Like all our other profile types, we offer the trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting in various designs. A selection of our standard colors can be found above – Is your preferred color not included? Just contact us.

On request, we also equip the profile with an anti-condensation or anti-drone membrane.

Other coatings for trapezoidal sheeting at a glance:

  • 25 µm polyester
  • 35 µm matt polyester
  • 35 µm structured polyester (wood look)
  • Other coating methods available on request

Wide range of applications for our trapezoidal sheeting

The trapezoidal 30/153 profile is mainly used in a positive position as roofing sheets in the industrial and agricultural sector for large-area cladding. Other areas of application are:

  • shed construction
  • barns and stables
  • workshops
  • sports arenas
  • as building cladding (negative position)

Not sure if trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting is the right profile for you? Just give us a call at, and we will be happy to advise you.

Accessories for trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

Together with the trapezoidal sheeting, naturally you can also source the right accessories from us for assembly, profile transitions, and for connections and terminations.

Compatible screws, trims and flashings, and fastening materials are always in stock.

Installation instructions for our aluminium and steel trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

As a rule, wooden substructures are used. The aluminum trapezoidal sheets are attached to the structure with saddle washers. We recommend this type of mounting due to aluminum’s (thermal) expansion behavior. Standard fittings can loosen or break over time...

For steel, a recessed bead installation with conventional self-drilling screws can be carried out without any problems, because steel expands less.

To ensure that the trapezoidal sheeting is also weather-resistant, you should always lay it in an overlapping manner.    

Trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting data sheet for download:

Trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting – direct from the manufacturer

When you choose us, you get "made in Germany" quality – our modern profiling facilities as well as our trapezoidal sheeting are subject to high quality standards. 

Numerous references reflect our many years of experience

  • Schütte Aluminium – Trapezbleche aus Alu & Stahl

    Trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

    500 m²

  • Schütte Aluminium – Trapezbleche aus Alu & Stahl

    Trapezoidal 30/153 sheeting

    500 m²


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