Aluminum or steel trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting – ideal as roofing sheets

  • Trapezoidal profile
  • In aluminum or steel
  • As roofing sheets in the construction of sheds, and in industrial and commercial construction
  • Purlins can be installed with greater spacing than is possible with our 35/207 profile 
  • Anti-condensation or anti-drone membrane available

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Advantages of trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting

Our trapezoidal 50/250 profile is particularly suitable as roofing sheets and wall cladding at medium distances from the substructure. It is primarily used in industrial warehouse construction, since very wide spans are also possible.

The trapezoidal sheeting has even better structural qualities than our 35/207 profile, allowing for even greater purlin spacing (the distances of the transverse slats of the substructure).

Discover the versatile properties and advantages of our trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting for yourself.

Very stable

Due to excellent structural qualities of the profile.



Particularly suitable for roof and wall applications.


Break-proof and fire-proof

High strength despite the low weight.


Long service life

Coatings protect the trapezoidal sheeting from external influences.


Highly customizable

Through the choice of different colors or finishes.


Versatile processing

Matching light plates, anti-condensation or anti-drone membranes available.


Trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting as roofing sheets in the construction of sheds, and in industrial and commercial construction

The trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting is mainly used as roofing sheets in the construction of sheds, as well as in industrial and commercial construction. We produce it in both steel and aluminum.

Naturally, we can also provide the trapezoidal sheeting with anti-condensation or anti-drone membranes. You can also source all compatible accessories from us, such as trims and flashings, smooth sheets and fastenings – a one-stop service!

We find the right solution for every requirement. Get competent advice from our trapezoidal sheeting specialists now!

Standard RAL colors for our trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting

Diverse stock material

Strength: 0,5mmStrength: 0,7mmStrength: 0,8mmStrength: 1,0mmStrength: 0,5mmStrength: 0,63mmStrength: 0,75mm
stuccoxon requeston request
moss green6005on requeston requestx
chrome oxide green6020on requeston requestx
Anthracite gray7016xon requeston requestxx
red-brown8012on requeston requestxxx
Gray white9002on requeston requestx
Brilliant metallic9006xon requeston requestx
gray aluminum9007xon requeston request

Coatings and colors for trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting

Like all our trapezoidal profiles, our trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting is available in various colors and with versatile coatings. Our standard colors can be found in the overview at the top of this page. Other colors are also available on request at short notice – just contact our experts directly!

Coatings are used to make the trapezoidal sheeting even more resistant to external influences and to increase the service life of the sheets.

Our coatings for trapezoidal sheeting at a glance:

  • 25 µm polyester
  • 35 µm matt polyester
  • 35 µm structured polyester (wood look)
  • Stucco
  • Other coating methods available on request

Wide range of applications for our trapezoidal sheeting

The trapezoidal 50/250 profile is mainly used as roofing sheets in the construction of sheds, as well as in industrial and commercial construction. Other areas of application are:

  • carports and garages
  • gas stations
  • barns and stables
  • workshops
  • sports arenas
  • as building cladding

Accessories for trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting

Naturally, you can also source from us all compatible accessories for your trapezoidal sheeting for façade mounting and for transitions between the profiled sheets, as well as connections and terminations of the individual elements.

We also always have compatible screws and fasteners for mounting on substructures in stock in our warehouse.

Installation instructions for our aluminum and steel trapezoidal sheeting

As a rule, wooden substructures are used. The trapezoidal sheeting is attached to the structure with saddle washers.

We recommend the following screw insert:

  • Stainless steel screws for outdoor use to ensure corrosion protection and safety
  • Always use compatible saddle washers during assembly
  • Check the substructure documentation for approval of fastening screws
  • Observe the assembly guidelines of the IFBS

Trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting data sheet for download:

Aluminum or steel trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting direct from the manufacturer

The quality of our products is very important to us. The production of our trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting takes place in our modern profiling facilities at our production site in Ganderkesee near Oldenburg and is subject to high quality standards.

All of our profiled sheeting bears the CE seal of approval. They are also certified according to DIN EN 1090-E EXC3.

Discover for yourself of the high bearing capacity and structural strength of our trapezoidal sheeting

The trapezoidal 50/250 profile will impress you with its special structural properties. Due to the high load-bearing capacity of the profile, it is ideal for use as roofing and can be walked on without any problems. However, our trapezoidal sheeting can be used not only for very wide spans on roofs, but also for walls and façades.


The trapezoidal sheeting is used in negative position for roofing sheets, and positive position for wall cladding.

The price of our trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting depends on the desired material (aluminum or steel), the sheet thickness as well as the coatings and other further processing (e.g. perforation, anti-condensation or anti-drone membrane).

Please contact our trapezoidal sheeting specialists. We will then prepare a suitable offer for your individual requirements!

We offer trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting in aluminum or steel. Which material is best for you depends on the purpose and location. In general, aluminum is somewhat higher quality and therefore more durable, since it does not rust due to its material properties. Steel trapezoidal sheeting, on the other hand, is somewhat less expensive.

Are you unsure whether you should use aluminum or steel trapezoidal sheeting for your project? Our experts are happy to advise you.


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