Trapezoidal sheeting for your roof – inexpensive and durable

Trapezoidal sheeting is ideal for use as roofing for industrial and commercial metal-clad buildings, but also for private homes or carports.

The light yet stable sheeting allows for quick assembly. You can select between different material thicknesses and finishes.

Are you looking for a cost-effective yet durable solution for your roofing? Then our trapezoidal sheeting is the right choice!

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Advantages of trapezoidal sheeting for roofing applications

Trapezoidal sheet roofing is a popular roofing solution due to its reasonable price and high resistance and stability. You own yourself

for both industrial and residential construction.

Discover the versatile advantages of our trapezoidal roofing sheets for yourself!



Color that matches your building.


Quick installation

Reduction of assembly costs.


Long service life

Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting is particularly durable.


Direct from the manufacturer

Quality direct from the manufacturer without intermediaries.



Robust and resistant to external influences.


Certified quality

Our trapezoidal sheeting is certified according to CE and DIN EN 1090-3.


Our references for trapezoidal sheet roofing

  • Trapezbleche aus Aluminium – Schütte Aluminium

    Trapezoidal 20/125 profile (walls) & 18/76 corrugated sheeting (roofs)

    1,500 m² each

  • Trapezbleche aus Aluminium – Schütte Aluminium

    Trapezoidal 20/125 profile (walls) & 18/76 corrugated sheeting (roofs)

    1,000 m² each

Trapezoidal sheet roofing direct from the manufacturer

We are your professional manufacturer of trapezoidal sheet roofing. We process our sheeting on state-of-the art roll forming lines in our production facility in Ganderkesee near Oldenburg.

You will receive “made in Germany” trapezoidal sheeting according to the highest quality standards.  Our specialists will advise you expertly and in detail on which solution is best suited for your individual requirements.

It goes without saying that our aluminum and steel trapezoidal sheeting meets the standards of EN 1090-3 and is CE certified.

Trapezoidal sheeting as a wind-and weather-resistant solution for your roof

Strong wind or storms are a big risk for conventional tile roofing. The wind has an easy time of it, pulling individual tiles loose and causing damage to the roof.

Trapezoidal sheet roofing is significantly safer due to its fastening, since it is firmly bolted to the substructure as panels. High wind speeds and heavy rain cannot damage trapezoidal sheeting.

Our aluminum and steel trapezoidal sheeting is highly weather resistant. Aluminum trapezoidal sheeting is stainless and can withstand all weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail and sunlight. Steel trapezoidal sheeting is also protected from corrosion by various coatings.

Due to its smooth surface, trapezoidal sheeting for roofs is also very easy to clean and less susceptible to moss.



Particularly light – trapezoidal sheet roofing

Trapezoidal sheeting has a very low weight due to its aluminum or steel material and its low thickness. The trapezoidal shape also ensures high stability.

Our trapezoidal sheet roofing

  • weighs only about 5 kg per m2,
  • has a standard width of about 1m
  • and a length of up to 12m.

The low weight of the trapezoidal sheeting enables quick and economical assembly.

Even in older buildings, roofing with trapezoidal sheeting makes sense, since the load-bearing capacity of the roof truss is often lower than in new buildings. The low dead weight of the trapezoidal sheet roof panels makes expensive reinforcement or renewal of the roof truss unnecessary.

Noise reduction for trapezoidal sheet roofing

To reduce noise from rain or hail, an anti-drone membrane can be used under the trapezoidal sheeting.

The membrane is made of a self-adhesive acoustic material with a porous structure that effectively insulates sound.


Do you have questions about trapezoidal sheet roofing? We have the answers.

Our trapezoidal 35/207 sheeting is particularly suitable for roofs. Its outstanding structural qualities enable greater purlin spacing, which means that wider spans can be achieved with fewer purlins. In terms of stability as well, trapezoidal 35/207 sheeting will impress you with its compelling properties. This profiled sheeting is available in aluminum and steel.


Our trapezoidal 50/250 sheeting is also ideal as roofing. The trapezoidal sheeting has even better structural qualities than our profile 35/207 profile, allowing for even greater purlin spacing. The trapezoidal 50/250 profile is mainly used as roofing sheets in the construction of sheds, as well as in industrial and commercial construction.

The cost of trapezoidal sheet roofing varies depending on the desired material (aluminum or steel), the coating and the material thickness. Trapezoidal sheet roofing is generally significantly less expensive than conventional roof tiles.

Our specialists will advise you in detail and will be happy to make you an offer for your individual requirements and wishes. Just contact us!

A wooden substructure is suitable for trapezoidal sheet roofing.

The trapezoidal sheeting is mounted in longitudinal orientation with an overlap of at least one rib (high bead).

The wind direction should also be taken into account during installation. The overlap of the trapezoidal sheet roofing should be made against the wind direction to reduce the penetration of moisture.

The trapezoidal sheeting is then bolted onto the substructure with saddle washers.

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