Aluminum and steel trims and flashings from the manufacturer

On our modern sheet metal bending machines, we can manufacture trims and flashings up to 6 m in length according to your specifications – tailor-made, precise, quick. Our range of aluminium and steel trims and flashings are available in a variety of colours and thicknesses and are a perfect match to our trapezoidal and corrugated profile sheeting.


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Trims and flashings for trapezoidal and corrugated sheeting

Accuracy of fit

Perfect with our trapezoidal and corrugated sheeting.


Trims and flashings up to 6m in length

Customized size to meet your requirements.


Flexible design

Trims and flashings in many colors and thicknesses.


Trims and flashings made to measure

We can produce aluminium trims and flashing in thicknesses of up to 4 mm and from steel of up to 2.5 mm in thickness.

The trims and flashings are made from flat sheet metal which we have on stock in lengths of 3 m and in standard thicknesses of 1 mm for aluminium and 0.5 mm for steel. This enables us to meet your individual requirements quickly and flexible.

Application of trims and flashings

Trims and flashings are used primarily in the cladding of roofs and walls e.g. as ridge sheets, wall flashings or valley flashings. They can also be used, however, for substructures or as façade cladding.



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