Ventilation ceilings direct from the manufacturer

The roofing sheet is the ideal material for ventilated roofing sheets in livestock buildings as it provides for an optimal circulation of air. Our aluminium ventilated roof sheeting is inflammable and meets the current fire safety legislation – an obvious advantage when it comes to the safety of yourself and your livestock.


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Ventilation ceilings of the highest quality

Optimal ventilation

Optimal air exchange in stables and sheds.


Noise reducing

The perforated ventilation ceiling reduces noise.


100% recyclable

Aluminum as an environmentally friendly building material.


Aluminum ventilation ceilings – noise-reducing and environmentally friendly

Furthermore, the perforated ventilated roofing sheets have sound-deadening qualities which minimises the stress that the animals are subjected to and so, increases their general well-being. This on the one hand, lowers the costs, and on the other, raises the productivity.

The aluminium ventilated roofing sheets are easy to install, have a long service life and allow for the insulation of the underside of the roofs of your stalls. Moreover, aluminium is a very environmentally-friendly building material due to the fact that it can be fully recycled.


"DuoBio" insulation – The perfect partner for our ventilated roofing sheets

As matching insulation for the ventilated roofing sheets, we can offer our top-quality mineral wool “DuoBio”. This insulating material is a composite of mineral wool and a special non-toxic binding agent with the result that the typical negative characteristics of glass wool (e.g. accumulation of dust and skin irritation on contact with the glass wool) have been removed. 

Discover more about our composite insulating material “DuoBio”. By installing our perforated aluminium 20/125 profiled sheeting and our “DuoBio” mineral wool insulation, you are making your livestock buildings fit for the future.



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