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Environmental noise barriers made from glass can be installed for example, when incidental light is desired behind a very high barrier or when the landscape behind the environmental noise barrier should remain visible. Environmental noise barriers incorporating glass have no sound-absorbing properties, they simply reflect the noise. SCHÜTTE’s range of glass environmental noise barriers can be constructed from a variety of materials and in a number of different designs.

You can choose between acrylic, polycarbonate or genuine glass depending on the purpose of the transparent environmental noise barrier. The differing designs of the transparent environmental noise barriers result for example, from the type of protection required for the local wild birds or whether the glass panels must be fitted with a fall arrestors. Our glass environmental noise barriers are mounted in special frames made out of exuded profiles and having the same tongue-and-groove system as the standard metal elements, which means that they sit perfectly when mounted together.

The essential features of our SCHÜTTE range of glass environmental noise barriers are:

  • Rigid supporting frame from exuded profiles
  • CE certified
  • A variety of differently-shaped profiles to suit the posts and anchoring style (screwed or crimped)
  • Acrylic, polycarbonate and genuine glass in a variety of thicknesses and colours
  • Ideal freedom of design through the integration of slats or special preparation of the glass (wild bird protection measures etc.)
  • Integrated fall arrestors


Adam Drozdzynski
Sales Manager - Environmental Noise

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