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Through our high-quality and innovative environmental noise barriers, we have acquired an international reputation and are now one of the leading companies in this field.

All our aluminium and glass environmental noise barriers comply with latest standards and norms. And yet they are so flexible in their use and can be made to any shape and size, that we can offer an environmental noise barrier to completely fulfil the requirements of your project. To achieve this, we can not only offer our standard environmental noise barrier elements but also tailor-made elements individually designed to exactly match the particularities of the installation.

Our project management can also deal with any challenge presented to it. Large-scale projects, for example, the largest environmental noise barrier project in Europe with the installation of approximately 100,000 m² of environmental noise barriers within a four-year construction period which formed part of the widening and renewal of the A1 motorway between Hamburg and Bremen, are performed as precisely and easily as smaller projects for commercial or private applications.

Together with our range of environmental noise barrier elements for use alongside roads and railways and as enclosures around sources of noise pollution, we also manufacture acoustic wall panels, a product which can be directly mounted to existing walls. These panels are employed, for example, at the entrance to and the exit from tunnels. Their use considerably reduces the noise emanating from the tunnels. The acoustic wall panels are also used in commercial and industrial premises as acoustic cladding and as such, can also protect your employees from exposure to high-levels of noise pollution.

The depth of the product range we have on offer is the result of our constant desire to develop our high-quality environmental noise barriers further. One example of this philosophy is our top-of-the-range product, the IntenseBarrier 21dB, with its outstanding absorption properties of 21dB. This aluminium environmental noise barrier is, as yet, unrivalled.


Adam Drozdzynski
Sales Manager - Environmental Noise

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