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Tile Profile

The tile profile sheets are an outstanding alternative to the traditional clay roofing tiles. As the roofing sheets are lighter in weight than the clay tiles, the wooden substructure can also be of a much lighter design, which in turn saves a considerable amount of money. The tile profile sheeting can be manufactured from both aluminium and steel. Moreover, it can be fitted with an anti-drumming membrane so that the noise level is effectively reduced. It goes without saying that you can also source all accessories for the tile profile sheeting such as flat sheet metal, flashings , trims and fixings – we offer you a one-stop service.

RAL 3009
RAL 7016
Product details Thickness (mm) Colours Extras
  Aluminium: Aluminium:  
Lengths upto 4,300mm possible 0,60 Oxide red – RAL 3009 Anti-condensation membrane
Used as roofing sheets   Anthracite grey – RAL 7016 Anti-drumming membrane
    Old shingle  
  Steel: Steel:  
Lengths upto 4,300mm possible 0,50 Oxide red – RAL 3009  
    Anthracite grey – RAL 7016  


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