Corrugated sheet metal wall cladding direct from the manufacturer

Wall cladding made of corrugated sheeting is a cost-effective and robust alternative for industrial buildings and sheds. But corrugated sheeting is also increasingly used as wall and façade cladding for residential and commercial buildings.

Our corrugated sheeting as wall cladding is manufactured in standard 18/76 profile. Various colors offer you creative possibilities to ideally match your façade to its surroundings.


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Why should you cover your façade with corrugated sheeting?

Installation of façade cladding made of corrugated sheeting is easier and faster than wall masonry. Wall cladding made of corrugated sheeting is resistant to weathering. It has flexible applications and can be easily adapted to individual façade geometries.

The surface coating of the corrugated sheet metal cladding eliminates the need for painting or veneering of wood or stone façades. In addition, the façade panels are easy to clean.


The corrugated sheeting can be installed in horizontal, vertical and diagonal orientation.

Uniform sinusoidal undulations

Ideal as wall cladding due to uniform sinusoidal undulations.


Customized design

Many different colors and coatings for a customized design.


Direct from the manufacturer

High quality directly from your corrugated sheeting manufacturer, Schütte.



Robust and resistant to external influences.



Long service life thanks to tested quality.


Our references for corrugated sheet metal wall cladding

  • Wellblech Alu – Schütte Aluminium

    Aluminum corrugated sheeting 18/76

    1,250 m²

  • Wellblech Alu – Schütte Aluminium

    Aluminum corrugated sheeting 18/76

    2,000 m²

  • Wellblech Stahl Referenz – Schütte Aluminium

    Steel corrugated sheeting 18/76

    750 m²

Corrugated sheeting for wall mounting direct from the manufacturer

We produce corrugated sheeting for façade cladding for you in our factory in Ganderkesee near Oldenburg. We always have our standard profiles in stock and can also meet short-term deliveries. We can also implement custom-made products for you at any time on request.



Areas of application of corrugated sheeting as façade cladding

Corrugated sheeting is suitable as wall cladding for almost all buildings. Often it is used in industrial and agricultural construction. But corrugated sheeting is also becoming increasingly popular for the private sector – e.g. for carports or tool sheds.

Let our team of experts advise you. We recommend the right corrugated sheeting for your wall or façade to make your construction project as effective as possible.

Installation of wall cladding from corrugated sheeting

Metal façades made of corrugated sheeting are non-load-bearing façade structures. They require a substructure on which they are mounted. In simple agricultural and industrial buildings, a simple skeleton-like steel structure is used as a substructure. A wooden structure can also serve as a substructure.

Installation of a ventilated metal façade

More elaborate constructions are necessary in the cladding of office and residential buildings. Here, the façade of corrugated sheeting is fixed on a stable substructure. The substructure is placed in front of the house wall. The space created in this way serves for rear ventilation and can additionally be filled with insulating material. A ventilated corrugated metal façade offers very good insulation. Furthermore, this type of façade cladding protects against sound and provides good fire protection.

Interesting facts about corrugated sheeting as wall cladding

With proper laying and use of an anti-drone membrane, the volume can be significantly reduced. With additional rear ventilation with insulation, noise generation is negligible.


Yes, but we counteract this with our anti-condensation membrane. This prevents condensation and the associated droplet formation. In addition, additional rear ventilation can avoid condensation.


Yes, individual corrugated sheets can be easily detached from the composite and replaced. It is not necessary to disassemble the entire cladding.


Yes. First of all, façades made of corrugated sheeting are very durable. If you nevertheless decide to replace the façade, you can dispose of the old façade as scrap metal. This is then melted down and recycled.


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